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  1. 1 minute ago, saintmeh said: Alienation of all other people Random "n00bie"s such as myself shouldn't be enough to discourage or even sadden you. Though I understand why you thought I had given up. Awwww... I no longer have the "n00bie" title under my name so this isn't as snarky. *sigh* Now I have "I broke 10 posts and all I got was this lousy title!" damn. Here's a pic of our shitty recording booth/closet. Also. My daughter may be the youngest DJ at 2 months. Here's the planned master schedule. We suck at keeping to it, but It's our goal and we're getting better at actually doing the false advertisings. I've started Radio DJ and I've been categorizing Hacker Public Radio into stuff that I can play during the day and... stuff that's questionable to even play at night Okay.. I should really see if I can finish updating our >.> I'm sure I have people mad at me over there too. Right. Okay. NOW I'm headed off to update project logs. Here's some random False Advertising for your yuks. I am donating this to public domain once I remove the reference to Oxford dictionary. I didn't check my sources. *face palm* wedgieWearUNFINISHED.mp3 FaceOffDARK.mp3 extremityRemedyWithIntro.mp3 LockerLube.mp3
  2. So we didn't get the kickstarter. But we're going to do it ANYWAY! It will just take longer... and be more uncertain. Right now I'm trying to trade advertising space for concrete. I need concrete to fill this 7x7' hole that goes 4' deep! lazy Pic
  3. Super Thanks! I'm surprised I forgot about them! Also sent something to Open Hardware Hub!
  4. We have a Kickstarter for the station! It just went live a couple hours ago! We have $10/$5000 pledged. We don't need $5000 to make a crappy radio station, but we need at least that to make a decently professional one! Look for us at DEF CON! Cpt. Hook has been at every DEF CON since #3. If you don't know him, talk to a ninja. Find him. Talk to him! If we can get the money, we start broadcasting Nov 15th! Inspired by StankDawg and HPR: I'm making everything CC for you guys! I have a few great episodes -- funny and/or informative! Since we just went live, donate a buck or two to show people that we have the support we need to make this happen!
  5. We're ebaying the stuff that isn't doing us any good in order to get stuff that does do us good. I'm making a kickstarter video.... It's going slow. I have 10 seconds so far >.> I want the video to be about 75 seconds long. The tower is sitting in our "spiral staircase of awkwardness"(it has a LOT of rope lights). We will have a great view of the city. Cpt. Hook is helping us out, he's going to try to rally some finances or equipment from Interested hackers at DEF CON. In the mean time: Here's a cheesey pic for your lolz. And YES! We intend to do an online stream of the station. We were thinking of pretending that was a "stretch goal"... but who are we kidding; we're hackers we'd do it anyways.
  6. Update! Someone within the past few days may or may not have attempted to donate bit coins to us. I asked around the hackspace and none of our members know anything about a potential donation. Perhaps they were scared off by the lack of anonymity of our bit coin transactions. I have fixed that at the bottom of the page. We don't accept Dark coin yet... but we do accept bitcoin. We account for these records as if they were gift cards so we don't need to know exactly who bought them and when. If you are in Helena and want to pay for membership, don't use the anonymous donation... because I won't be able to figure out who's paying for membership(dur).
  7. I'm picking up the tower today We've made some "Fake Advertisement" stuff like "LOCKER LUBE! Are you listening to this station as the only sound wafting through empty hallways of a forsaken high school? Are you still trapped in your locker as you fellow academic peers enjoy biology? THEN YOU NEED LOCKER LUBE! Apply a thin coat of locker lube to the inside of your steel or plastic locker every Sunday night and a liberal amount to your arms each school morning! Remember: Being bullied is YOUR FAULT!" And other satire. We're going to roll it into a daily segment called "False Advertising". We'll prefix it with a definition of satire.
  8. Hey. My name is Saint. I started a 20-40 member hackerspace in Helena MT. We call ourselves Montana Ethical Hackers(MEH) and we've existed for four years. We've upgraded from a basement with Christmas lights to our own 2642sqft of space. We've doubled in space every year. We have land-owner permission to erect a 26' tower on top of the largest hill in the middle of the city of Helena MT. We're going to make "107.9 END OF THE DIAL-- Hacker Radio". We live in an EXTREMELY conservative town... uhm... and we have good fire insurance. I should probably take out a crazy good life insurance policy while I'm at it. As a hackerspace we want to do two things: Provide a workshop, equipment, and computer/Cisco lab for curious minds which are just coming understand their own sense of freedom. Teach. As MEH, we want to focus specifically on two other challenges: Encourage young "uber l33t h4x0rz" in the area to consider paths as computer security auditors instead of inmates or government puppets. We don't want them to do something young and stupid and then get caught and prosecuted beyond what they've actually done. Restore the term "hacker" to mean someone that has a powerfully consuming desire to learn, create, and invent... particularly with technology. The point is: this will cost money. Somewhere to the tune of $5k(if we do it freakishly cheap). The biggest expense is currently the transmitter. I figured I'd hit up the pirate underground radio community for any help. We need an FM transmitter. We can do anonymity. If you have a spare antenna, we could use that as well. You probably don't have an EAS... but we need one of those too. We already have someone local who is going to donate a tower. We just need some way to broadcast. Let me know if you can help. If you would prefer anonymity, please send the package to Montana Ethical Hackers 30 S. Ewing St. Suite 200 Helena Mt, 59601 You can donate a Bit Coin or two at Contact me through email for even more anonymous donations. Same username at gmail. I will, of course, post on this thread again if we receive an unexpected item for the radio station... or if we get enough funding to buy our own transmitter. If I haven't posted, assume we don't have what we need. Also! We could use content! Let me know of hacker radio that needs broadcasting!