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  1. I just dialed 002T and it's still an original 4E. 121T as well, is still 4E. Don't forget that 037T is also N4E as well. 002T and 121T.wav
  2. Well, before they decided to make everything private, we were in a discussion of me getting ISDN PRI service and then with my Meridian 1, Option 11C, host a conference bridge. I just placed the order again since I had to suspend the original order over 6 months ago due to personal reasons and so, hopefully, I'll be able to host a TDM-based conference bridge. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32095630-Getting-ISDN-PRI-20-DIDs-installed-in-Houston-Texas
  3. It is with deep regret, that I must announce that the conference (to the general public) is now dead. Attempts have been made to make a conference relevant again but the regulars have seemed to move on. As one of the regulars from all the way in March 2015, I had a fun time conversing with people such as Thoughtphreaker, whose experience has taught me that stuff can happen over something so simple, and gewt, whose expertise in the Meridian allowed me to understand command prompts much more better. But as they decided to make everything private, all good things must come to an end. From 631 to 510, thank you guys so much for coming.
  4. The preferable way to dial in is by using a telephone line from your local telephone company.
  5. So under considerable deliberations, I've decided to LEASE a phone from QLT Consumer Lease Services. If you plan on leasing from them, keep in mind they will require your SSN as they run a credit check on you for new applicants. Their website is http://www.qltcls.com I've ordered the black Model 500 phone plus added on a 25" handset cord and a 7" line cord at no extra charge. The monthly charge for the phone is $4.45. I'll keep you guys posted on the bill and what the phone looks like just as soon as I receive it. I'll upload the recording of me interacting with the customer service representative soon.
  6. You forgot to add 1 in between 101-0288 and the number you dialed. If it goes through and supervises, you might as well pay ^$10 for a single minute casual dial call. Best to use 101-0321.
  7. 037T was just converted from old 4E to N4E dialed from Indonesia. 038T as of a few days ago has not been converted. Both of those tandems are located in Houston, TX, where I live. 037T.flac
  8. Here is what Thoughtphreaker is referring to (WARNING: This audio file has LOUD dial pulses. Please TURN DOWN your volume.). Thing thing 16bit.flac Also, in this recording, there is a feature/bug which allows one to experience erratic results from my switch (A 5ESS however, I don't know whether other 5ESSes will have this. The probable reason could be that I am getting service from a Digital Loop Carrier/Remote Terminal which also supplies me with DSL internet.) What I did was: 1. Dial 1177/1187 or *77/*87 (it doesn't matter really but dialing 1177 will get you dial tone without battery drop and 1187 will ringout continuously until after 3 minutes or so, which will cause battery drop and dial tone to be returned. TP thought that the AT&T NOC was remotely controlling my specific circuit and dropped me.) 2. Flash. (The ... 'thing', for lack of a better word, will do an erratic recall dial tone [beep beep bi-- ~~~~~~~~; ~ equals dial tone] and if you were to leave at that, I'll get a battery drop and another dial tone is being returned. After that, it just goes to the permanent signal recording and so on... a normal circuit so to say. 3. Dial your party/machine/equipment and so on. (Once your party finishes with the call and hangs up at the distant end, you will get a battery drop but instantly get another dial tone.)
  9. Here's my telephone bill from Southwestern Bell and I just turned 18 last month.
  10. Those must be one of those 5ESS tandems that AT&T's been using for a while now. Dialing that number, I get "713-9L" back.
  11. Whilst I like the list, you're forgetting the Abilene, TX 1AESS (325-675).
  12. Here are some rough recordings. Dialed directly though AT&T Long Distance/ Long Lines. +90 212 463 9999 - (Reorder?) 011 90 212 463 9999.mp3 +90 212 463 xxxx (privacy for the owner of the telephone number), +90 212 469 5896 (fax), +90 216 330 3190 (Çiya Sofrası, restaurant), +90 216 330 9800 (I don't know what this is?) Turkey Istanbul.mp3 It should be noted that the numbering system is similar to NANPA albeit with a 0 preceding the number dialed (i.e. 0216 330 9800). Area code 212 is the European side whilst area code 216 is the Asian side of Istanbul.
  13. BellSouth Telecommunications LLC. d/b/a AT&T Louisiana is announcing that the Alcatel-Lucent 1AESS switch at Lafayette Vermillion (LFYTLAVMCG0) is being replaced with a GENBAND switch utilizing a G6/G5 architecture. The cutover is scheduled for the 4th Qtr 2016 and will not be implemented prior to December 17 2016. The purpose of this Network Disclosure is to provide information on the Lafayette Vermillion (LFYTLAVMCG0) Transfer Project and Dial with Dial plans. AT&T Southeast is replacing the existing Alcatel Lucent 1AESS standalone end office switch with a new Genband switch utilizing a GENBAND G6/G5 architecture. The GENBAND switch is configured to accept trunking in TDM format only. The existing switch, LFYTLAVMCG0, will be Dial with Dialed to the new switch, LFYTLAVMPSA, during the 4th Qtr 2016. Currently, Lafayette Vermillion (LFYTLAVMCG0), homes on LFYTLAMA0GT (Lafayette Main) for FG B, FG D and Intra Lata tandem functions. The new LFYTLAVMPSA switch will also home on LFYTLAMA0GT (Lafayette Main) for FG B, FG D and Intra Lata tandem functions. Lafayette Vermillion (LFYTLAVMCG0) switch currently homes on the LFYTLAMA0GT (Lafayette Main) Operator Services Tandem. The new LFYTLAVMPSA location will also home on the LFYTLAMA0GT (Lafayette Main) Operator Services Tandem. Existing CLLI code: Lafayette Vermillion (LFYTLAVMCG0) Existing Point Code: 252-155-003 New CLLI code: LFYTLAVMPSA New Point Code: 252-158-058 (same as host NWORLAMADC9) LATA: 488 NPA: 337 NXXs*: 216, 273, 294, 295, 406, 713, 981, 983, 984, 988, 989, 991, 993 *NXXs valid as of 6/15/2016.
  14. Here are some recordings of it. Apologies for the low volume. Additionally, the number dialed has been obscured so as to respect the privacy of the individual being dialed. On the "Ukraine Crossbar switch busy" file, you hear me dial directly through AT&T Long Distance to Ukraine (at 22¢ a minute!-that's already with an international long distance plan) by me dialing 011 380 542 33 xxxx. You will hear silence because the call takes some time to process through AT&T and then you will hear two clicks and the busy signal from the 4E (I believe from 121T? Well, that's where my calls are forwarded to whenever my international call can't get processed). On the "Ukraine Crossbar switch ringing" file, you, again, hear me dial directly through AT&T Long Distance to Ukraine with that same number again 30 seconds later. Again, you will hear silence as the call gets processed through AT&T. Then, a single pronounced click is heard and then you will hear the European ringing signal. On the 3rd and last file, the call is through a different number and you can hear 3 clicks in this one. Those files have not been filtered. Ukraine Crossbar switch busy.mp3 Ukraine crossbar switch ringing.mp3 Ukraine crossbar switch ringing 2.mp3 ------>Here are some more with normal volume levels (using an Olympus TP-8) dialing through my Western Electric 500 set. On the "bzzz" file, it is what it is. I presume that is from the crossbar switch. That "bzzzt" sound. The "not in service" recordings sound like they were routed to a digital switch or announcement machine since there is no clicks at all- both from the in-line coupler and from my TP-8. Ukraine crossbar switch ringing bzzz.mp3 Ukraine crossbar switch not in service (question mark).mp3 Ukraine crossbar switch not in service (question mark) 2.mp3 There's a goodie on the last "not in service" recording! That's +380 542 33 1126! (US and Canadian callers: 011 380 542 33 1126) That number does not supervise meaning that if you are calling it without an international long distance calling plan, you will NOT get charged, assuming your provider does/did not use cheap routes to call it.
  15. Frontier isn't the problem. Was the number local or long distance?