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  1. Sad to see you go, happy you are moving on to other things. Peace out.
  2. I agree about the nostalgic feeling. Decoder is missed. Strangely default radio, binrev, and Radio FreeK America got me through some tough times...
  3. Word, skit 3 to Kicked like a motherfucka!
  4. decoder and crew got me through a cross country road trip. I played default radio and binrev on my mp3 player for 7 hours. I think it made me crave taco bell. But further analysis is needed.
  5. Your such a tease Stankdawg. I have dreams where you still guest appear on oldskoolphreak. But alas, i'll keep those to myself...
  6. this song made me smile. Now on youtube, but it's not really a video.
  7. Thanks for everything. So many good times.
  8. This is what made Default radio great. and now.. mindwar great. Keep up the great work EAST siide!
  9. Yeah, in all do respect to the others on Default, Decoder has got the whole Ringleader thing going on. And it just ain't the same without him... ^^
  10. oh hell yeah. sign me up!
  11. mp4 if he's e-lite. divXXX is he's conformed Xvid if he knows Ac3 if he knows what's up along with some matrix-mixer .mov -- not that there is anything wrong with that. ( seinfeld quote ) .mpeg -- if he wants everyone to know... .mpg same thing .avi again. if he wants everyone to know... .ogg -- duh.
  12. http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,63000,00.html
  13. See you at the 2600 meeting man! sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. p/m with details, ya?
  14. holy shit dude, where in wva? Hah! just read this.. I was in Martinsburg. But I'm moving to Philly, PA. In a week!
  15. That's weird. I just loaded up IE6 (my default browser is firefox) and couldn't fully load Binrev.com or click on forums and such, I turned off all the "security" and it still didn't load. I then turned off Zone Alarm and everything worked again. This never happened using firefox...