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  1. im never gonna give you up

  2. does any one know if they use similar protocols? Im just thinking that after they release an actually wii modchip like possibly the wiixt or wiilinux, that it would be sweet if you could get an xbox 360 controller working on the wii. I know a few of you might say that it would completely defeat the point of the wii but i think not, homebrew might get way more interesting if so. The wii I found kind of limits the gameplay of alot of things ie red steel being scripted.
  3. if by house you mean laboritory on wall street and by crazy you mean awesome.
  4. look at nikola tesla, over 100 years ago he could make lightbulbs light up from over 5 miles away wirelessly. thats right i said 100 years.
  5. anyone know what its for/what i can use it for? can i do anything special with it?
  6. i did and its worth 3200 bucks, they guy just grabbed it
  7. ill take some pictures and upload them tomorrow.
  8. my cable guy just left and forgot his meter, anybody know what i can do with it? and I mean his BIG meter, the huge one that they carry around all the time.
  9. i bet there willl eventually be a some sort of virtualpc app where you can emulate x86 architecture. You allready know the thing will mostlikely be uber hackable, so if the potentials of linux can be unlocked, even if it ran like shit, someone will make an emulation app for at least the main 64 bit cpu, but then again thats only my guess.
  10. I am very good with a soldering iron....and have a few extra parts to playwith
  11. change the mouse configuration from left handed to right and use the dell monitor tool to flip the monitor 180* she didn't step on the keyboard, she played with things and was retarded, my sister does the same shit all the time.
  12. Thanks for the advice, but I actually allready have a slingbox, and they are cool. What I want to do though is reflash my cable card with some new config files that allow me to decrypt channels that I don't pay for. But I will check out that forum, I decided to buy my camcorder from the reviews of it there.
  13. im sure that there si some type of firmware flash that is possible, right now ive been having trouble just getting my computer to recognize the card, it doesn't even pop up as unknown device and when I try to use suse with it, same thing.
  14. thank you very much verbal
  15. thanks, I mean PCMIA type II. I think it might be worth a try, thanks alot venom