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  1. No Idea what they use for a PBX, except: Internal dial tone was 440 HzYou couldn't dial room to room, no was voicemail availablePulses were not passed through to the outside linePractically the only thing you could dial when picking up the phone was "9"Waiting on the inside dial tone for approx. 20 seconds gave you a warbleI think the local telco was Fair Point.
  2. Plays a whole bunch of DTMF then thanks you for calling the office of the president of T-Mobile. Asks for a 7 digit extension.
  3. Been using it in production applications for a while, works quite well.
  4. A while ago I remember hearing a recording of corn-breath's famous disconnected message with 3... 2... 1... before it just like 109t has. Don't remember what number I dialled to get it, but I think it was somewhere in (970) 577-, but I don't have a recording of it. Am I the only one who's heard this before, or does someone have a recording of this?
  5. Exactly like that, except it only had: ...ree, two, one before it. Wish I remembered the number I dialled to get it.
  6. 970-999-9998: "This is a 360 test number." (supervises)
  7. Is 907-295 still N2, or when did they switch over?
  8. Many sip providers such as will simply let you set your own caller id. If you are using asterisk... Set(${CALLERID(all)}="John Doe" <+19689581234>)
  9. 958 plus any 4 used to be an anac here, but it was changed to a "your call did not go through" recording a few years back.
  10. 970-879-9935 & 970-879-9589 both have the in service AIS. 879-9589 used to be my number but then I had it changed. That recording has been on since.