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  1. I would have posted this earlier, but I couldn't register on this site. I never got any emails. Anywho... this is how you work it. 1. Find a Qwest/CenturyLink phone in Steamboat Springs, CO with an 870, 871, or 875 number. 2. Call 99X-XXXX (the last 5 digits of your number) 3. Flash hook at dial tone and hang up. Heres a recording I made of it:
  2. 800-263-8071 - "This pant live toll free number is not active." followed by 10 digit DNID and then 10 digit ANI
  3. Google voice acts kind of odd. Often times it will ring forever when progress was sent. You often miss on a lot of goodies. Set yourself up with an account on a wholesale sip provider, send whatever caller id your mind desires (which many wholesale providers seem to copy this to the ani too!), write some simple dialplan and a shell script to make call files each time you hang up the next call. If your sip device supports it, you can add an intercom header to Alert Info so you don't have to answer your phone each time! Super simple!!! Many wholesale providers will allow you to call anywhere in the US for less than 1ยข/min and toll free for free. Also good for international scanning. Scanning the UK is often fun, and usually very cheep too!
  4. Anything interesting happen? I couldn't make it on last night.
  5. I've got one of those at my local AXE10. 959-1050. Milliwatt is at 959-1020, (102 type test) so would that make that a 105 type test?
  6. Don't think the magazine is being maintained anymore, but the issues included here sure be free.
  7. Learned this one the hard way. Police be knocking at the hotel room door. Would not reccomend. I've also seen *91 go to front desk emergency. Just beware to act completely confused when the front desk thinks there's a fire in your room. Larger hotels often omit the thirteenth floor. There's usually goodies there. Sketchy motels are the best. See my bates motel thread from march. Usually you can get away with some very basic things... 10-10 codes, real dialtones. Lastly, take occasional breaks from the phone. I once had the front desk calling me, "is there anything wrong with your phone?"
  8. I'm afraid a piece of telephone history is disappearing on the network. It seems harder and harder to find her.
  9. Does that randomize the callerid? No, but isn't it easy enough to do it yourself? If you've got an asterisk box: exten => _1800NXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(all)="Joe Schmoe" <+19709911462>) same => n,Dial(${EXTEN} For those without an asterisk box, most soft phones and ATAs include an option to set caller id, this works too. ------ Edit: actually, looks like callwithus will randomise it for you -> try
  10. Why not just:
  11. Put together nicely! Me at: 0:00 0:09 0:44 1:14 3:35 4:46
  12. You do miss out on some goodies when you don't send ani, however, an easy way to fix this is to send a disconnected number as your ani. Set up an asterisk box.
  14. Pick up an account with or for this and set up asterisk to autodial your phone with each number, you can listen and take notes, and then when you hang up have asterisk give you the next number. Especially easy if you have a sip device that supports intercom, really automates the process. Also: if you set your caller id to anonymous with either of these providers, no ani will be sent.
  15. I've got an old NEC PBX from somewhere around 1999. It's digital but also supports analogue extensions. I've also got 8 phones that go with it, some punchdown blocks, and a 4-line NVM-2e voicemail system. All of this can be yours for the cost of shipping plus a small tip for packaging it up and mailing it. If there's interest I'll post some pics. The phones are definitely well used so you're going to want to clean them well before use.
  16. Gave it away a few weeks ago. Sorry.
  17. Assuming I'm getting the area code right, I'm getting some guy's cell phone :| . Area code 713... rings a lot then gets me to "Hello and thank you for calling <can't tell the name> service. All of our lines are busy at this time..."
  18. Breathing real live step dialtone @ (217) 234-6890 Anyone found anything good on it?
  19. Here when I can
  20. Honestly I think it's just best to run asterisk on a vps, far cheaper that way.
  21. I guess I'm sort of new because I have never posted in this thread. I'm from Colorado but don't smoke weed, been more or less interested in phreaking and hacking for a few years now. I have lots of old WE phones, and even a WE pay phone. Yeah. Just thought I should post here eventually.
  22. Must have come from the Taco Bell...
  23. Recently, I stayed at the Viking Motel in Wilmington, VT. I am pretty sure the owners fundamentally reject technology, the front desk looked like it came from the 1920's, they had some ancient typewriter there, no computer, and no modern phones. I checked in (yes, they had my reservation handwritten on paper) and got in my room (#6.) The first thing to notice in the room was a model 2500 desk phone with a note below it that said: "Use a phone card for long distance. Local and toll-free are free, dial 9." This is where the fun began. Picked up the phone and dialled 9, got a real outside dial tone, it was quite crackled. 10-10-321 allowed you to dial long distance and international at Mr. and Mrs. Bates' expense! Found the local ANAC in minutes too: 200-222-2222. I would definitely recommend the Viking Motel to any phone phreak! Lots of fun is to be had.
  24. If you do, I might advise you find other methods of taking a shower...
  25. Back on topic, I was able to send very relaxed DTMF tones and the PBX would still accept them. Set the phone on the table and used my android phone to generate DTMF a few metres away and it picked up every single digit (even when my Nexus 5 was about 30% volume). Incredible. The PBX had to have been doing some filtering on the dial tone when dialling. Oddly enough, on a room a friend of mine stayed in, pressing a "1" on the outside dial tone immediately dropped him to a warble. (yes, it did sound like 602-271-3660), however, there was no delay on digit presses. The 2500s weren't WE. Front of them were labelled with "starplus"