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  1. Funny you say, I got in a little bit of trouble at a hotel a few years ago for exactly that.
  2. Denver... last time I tried was a few years ago (and I no longer have a line w/ CenturyLink to actually test on). Try 1-970-959-1020, I'm pretty sure that's what I dialed to get a 102 test.
  3. I do believe that most US West switches in the Colorado area (previous Mountain Bell switches then?) will drop you straight to the tandem on 959 numbers. IIRC, this has the interesting property that you can listen to test numbers from the tandem, eg. 959-1020.
  4. It's the oldest trick in the book, but you can replace * with 11 (eg. 1167) on most all switches, intended for use with rotary phones.
  5. If you have some time, sit down and listen to "How Evan Doorbell Became a Phone Phreak". You'll get a pretty good overview of the history, and there's sound involved too!
  6. says you've got a Northern Telecom DMS-10
  7. From the 3 I suggested, all seem to work quite reliably. Flowroute has had a few outages... but I've had 0 issues with BulkVS. Flowroute has really good T.38 support.
  8. To name a few: - Outbound to most of US and Canada is $0.0098/min and inbound is $0.012/min. - Varying rates based on LRN, or flat $0.008/min available. - Varying rates based on LRN. All of these let you spoof callerid and hear early media ("un-suped" audio)
  9. Definately an asterisk box: LRN lookup: LRN: 16463670000OCN: 8340LATA: 132CITY: NEW YORKSTATE: NYJURISDICTION: INDETERMINATELEC: XO NEW YORK, INC.Won't find a conference on there, it does not send answer.
  10. It's because you are using windows.
  11. I honestly love listening to recordings and such in different languages or accents, but be don't have a thread around here to collect numbers in foreign countries. Post what you got, only requirement is that is doesn't supervise.
  12. A direct line to a dial tone at the bates motel would be cool. I loved placing free international calls!
  13. Go at night, wear all black, and bail if needed. Easy way to find out
  14. Well it's a 6 hr flight for me... Or I could drive it in 29 hrs. Where is it located? Maybe I can stop by if I'm ever travelling through there.
  15. Phone trip anybody?
  16. Is it a standard WE ringer you are trying to use? If so, you may be best off using a WE 425A/B network rather than the "modern phone circuitry." You can find the network in any model 500-2500 phone.
  17. Half of the numbers in here seem to work if you want to have a chat with a switchman. ATT_Interoffice_Communications_Directory.pdf
  18. On both my T-Mobile cell and on a qwest line here 959-1050 plays an odd tone. Any idea what this is used for? I can get a recording if need be.
  19. I'm no legal expert but I don't see why you couldn't.
  20. A very cool video. AT&T had some good organisation in it too... Moving from the machines to the people, to testing and then to operation. Gave the audience a good look at the thorough about of work one of these things took to make.
  21. No I just use a guitar tuner that displays Hz.
  22. Do you have a direct sip address for that?
  23. By ear sounds like a sawtooth or square 2227 Hz but I will make a recording when I find my recording stuff.