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  1. Anytime I have this request I say : 1. Connecting through vpn adds a second layer of encryption and a second layer of authentication. (First connect to VPN then connect to RDP). 2. Our network policy only allows required ports to be open from outside in. RDP does not fall under this category. It can be accessed through vpn so there is no reason to open the port. If you don't like it, talk to my boss :-) Btw, why does he want rdp open? Do y'all have split tunneling turned off? It's safer to turn off split tunneling but a real pain for end users (and even worse for people like us that have to support them.) He wants it open because he is lazy(and because he is high on the food chain thinks he gets what ever he wants).... I caved in and already let them split tunnel guess i could be a dick and open some random port for RDP and make him use a 15 char password that must use a cap, number, and special char and can't match the last 20 passwords....
  2. Well this guy in our company wants to RDP with out connecting to VPN I told him I don't want to open RDP on the fire wall, one because its a MS proto, 2 I don't want people trying to guess a admin password once they notice that port is open. Can you guys think of any other good reasons? thanks.
  3. I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like you wrote over your windows installation. are your drives SATA? if so go into your bios and make sure your HD are set to auto or LBA and lolcat spit your usless crap in the gen thread area not here where someone is looking for help. If it wasn't for people like you i would never need to touch windows.........
  4. you don't want to run two software firewalls, it will only cause problems. Plus windows firewall is crap. I've noticed security center doesn't see some AV, you can just turn off the alerts for AV if you want. in the security center on the left hand side you should see a link that says change the way security center alerts me. click it then you have your options.
  5. windows= play games, use software easily, easy burning of dvd cds ECT. supports more hardware. linux= learn how computers/networking/programing works. more in control of what the system does, how it does it ECT. More "hacking tools" mac= video/audio production. can't think of any other reason you would use a mac. thats the simple ver.
  6. you could try turning it both ways to try and get it free from what ever is locking it in place.
  7. so no post, no bios splash screen? if that is the case, try external monitor still nothing your video card might of died. or the mobo/bios is dead.
  8. you could try using encase, or helix to get some of your files back.
  9. at the temps of your first pic, your proc would of popped! for sure. second one is still high, what kind of cpu is it? you could try to clean and reapply some thermal paste to see if that helps. otherwise you can get a good heatsync for cheap these days.
  10. Apparently, Lexmark does have drivers for corporate-type printers, but not the commercial-type printers they make. yea i ripped open the image on it only works on the higher end models.
  11. we used lexmark printers all the time at the company i use to work for. Identix, they made fingerprint software for the state. A lot of our systems were redhat based, i will see if i have any of the old images laying around. To keep it simple, it was a redhat system with Identix software running on top to capture finger prints, mug shots ect , then you can print the finger print cards off the lexmark printer. Chance's are if you have been arrested you have been booked with a Identix system. Now part of L1 Identity solutions.
  12. only the lower channels will not be able to use digital. typically 2-5 all the other channels will able to transmit on digital. i'm guessing that 2-5 will be used for state broadcast, or data or something like that. Or maybe a 24/7 Obama channel..... he has already had a infomercial...... lolz
  13. i'd be very careful doing such things as they will land you in jail if your doing it to a box thats not yours.
  14. I use to use Ronsonol Lighter Fluid when i was younger in mine. it works pretty good and is fast burning. its used in zippo's, i would think any gas station would have it. Or WD40 works good too.
  15. can you buy lighter fluid? that works good.