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  1. what am I supposed to do here?

  2. Are you trying to run it from a flash drive? That could be part of the problem. I would try puppy or dsl if you want to run from flash.
  3. mirrorshades is correct. I was confused at first also but decided to download the Live-Cd anyway to to play around and saw that it would install also. Good luckon configuring your system.
  4. That was my "first post" on the DDP blawg, back in September. Not sure why it's just getting indexed here now. Also, the link provided is broken -- is what it should be. Somehow it got bunched in with a URL. Odd. Odd indeed. I did not notice the 2600 url either. Like I said I had just woke up.
  5. Mine must be too old. I don't have any of that stuff.
  6. I use avast on my wifes comp. It has blocked everything that I have thrown at it. I recommend it to all my friends and family that ask. We use AVG at work and it slows the comp down when it scans. Avast seems to not slow the comp down as much. Just my $.02 US. And do not run more than 1 at a time.
  7. Don't trust him, he wants to eat your soul. I don't eat souls, I sell souls.
  8. I'm confused. What happened here. First post but says 900 and something on side. I know I just woke up but WTH?
  9. If you can make it to Gainesville Fl. I have 4 cases for you to choose from, all free. I do not deliver or mail though.
  10. I don't get it, why would they even seize his kids' iPods and their gaming consoles? This seize is obviously super damageable in every way, I'm sure they could have found a better to "solve" the unpaid bill problem than financially destroy the guy like that. They take that stuff because some people will hide things on the families stuff. It is a stupid thing but some people think that no one will find their stuff there. Now Why they take power strips is beyond me.
  11. If you still need stats. Ubuntu and free nas for server. Age 36
  12. We had a big problem with this at all of the schools in our district a few months ago. It was a mess to clean up. They still do not know exactly what it may or may not do. I am a little concerned about some of the comps that I take care of at my school but not too much. About 95% are up to date on Windows updates and all have current virus protection. It took something like this though for the higher ups to listen to me about what needed to be done.Some of them hate when I am right.
  13. Not that I have a lot of FB friends but I will post the link on FB if you would like. I read the first few pages and like it so far. I will try and buy it when my taxes come in,
  14. I've called the 352 one and it tells me the number is not working. I would not want that number. I hate wrong phone numbers.
  15. Wait he is a noob and you want to tell him but you will not tell me. I have been here longer. Please help me too. PPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE. Thank you.