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  1. All the audio is up on the site now, it went fantastic! Great talks from Jason Scott, Adrian Lamo, ic0n, ThoughtPhreaker and more! Check it out below.
  2. Yes, we should have a recording up in the next couple of days. It went awesome, btw. Thanks to all who called in, and for those that didn't, we hope to see you next year!
  3. ConfCon 2010 is occurring today at 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT. Sign-up is still available at, so feel free to register and join in. We have some great talks lined up so far, including talks from Jason Scott, Adrian Lamo, ic0n, and ThoughtPhreaker. More are still coming, so don't miss out on the greatness
  4. Weird. Kinda reminds me of Livengood. Is this on a cross-bar or what?
  5. Hey, quick update. Group/User Sign-up is now open on the site! So you can all sign up, get your conference number, and be ready. I also dropped the date on the Home page of the site of when it will take place. It's the Saturday after HOPE (July 24th) I expect you all to be there! EDIT: Oh yeah, and big, big ups to Seal for doing the ConfCon 2010 logo and favicon.ico. He did an amazing job on both and we really appreciate it! Much <3 man!
  6. Be there or be square.... (bitches) Also, speakers get a free cookie. Snickerdoodle. Home-made....
  7. Google Voice?
  8. Well, we've finally managed to get v1.5 of the site out the door, so I feel comfortable enough to post a link to it. This is my new site I've started with the help from a bunch of friends (some are even from BinRev) It's basically a site where we start, host, run and maintain projects of all kinds. We've got quite a few started, quite a few hosted and are starting more all the time. On the side, we run a blog meant to spark creativity and ingenuity. In the spirit of open source, the code for the site is posted (its linked at the bottom of every page as well as on the projects page) We do expect people to find bugs, vulnerabilities, coding errors, etc. etc. so if you do, please throw us an email (emails can be found on the contacts page) Feel free to use and abuse the code as you see fit, just make sure to give props to the coder (H4z3) and to the site (AntiLimit) I hope you guys enjoy the site and the projects we're hosting/running. Any and all feedback is welcome!
  9. This may seem like a minor detail, but... put the "Confcon" at the top of the circle at the year at the bottom. People generally read top-to-bottom, and the name is "Confcon 2009". So, if you switch them it will likely register faster when people see it. Already fixed Check the site for the updated one. It looks pretty slick, thanks again for the logo Seal!
  11. Yeah, I must say, I'm pretty excited. I can see good things coming from an open-source *nix-based OS from one of the biggest companies out there right now. And considering the amount of people that Chrome already has as a user-base, I think the OS will have potential. We'll just have to see..
  12. Killer logo, Seal, I love it man n3xg3n: We do plan to be recording it, probably having at least 2 people recording it, in case something happens to one. If at all possible, we ask that 1 or 2 of you try to record it, just in case something catastrophic happens and both of our recorders fail. We *do* want a recording of the entire conference. Thanks for all the support so far guys!
  13. We may work things like that out in the future. But for right now, I think we're gonna stick to this. If we get a lot of people wanting to do it over Skype, then I suppose we may. We just wanted to keep it off VoIP as much as possible, due to things like call quality, reliability and, well, just to help bring back the old school phreaking vibe. Like I said, things may change in the future though. We're certainly open to new ideas.
  14. Yeah, actually, thats a good point. If any of you guys have Skype or some other means of connecting to US numbers, by all means sign up on the site as a non-international member. That'll drop you a conf number and you can feel free to call in to that for confcon '09. Thanks for bringing that up, Seal. We are still trying to find a way to make dialing into this conf internationally easier. So stay tuned for updates! EDIT: Yeah, turns out I accidentally made an error in the date of the call. Its actually on the 25th. NOT the 23rd. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.