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  1. Thanks for putting these up. Definitely great to have these in epub. I was a subscriber when they went away, now I can finally read the final issue that I didn't get.
  2. Most of the time just MATE although I will on occasion switch to LXDE, XFCE, or IceWM.
  3. Audacious is my first pick everytime. But I like simple, just play the friggin music players and get annoyed with the do it all players. Just need the player, equalizer and playlist and I'm good to go. There is a newer project called QMMP, which is quite nice. Simple, straight-forward and no fluff. http://code.google.com/p/qmmp/
  4. I have used GParted Live to resize partitions many times without issue. http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php
  5. Did this meeting ever get started? If so, is it still active? I'll be moving to Longview in the next couple of months and would be interested in attending.
  6. I am very much a Linux user. I do use Windows from time to time, but my overall preference is Linux. I like being able to make my OS and software work the way I want it to, not the way some software developer in Redmond wants me to.
  7. eth0 is going to be the wired network interface, wlan0 is going to be the wireless network interface, and lo is the loopback interface (it's IP will always be inet is the IP address for a network interface. I am not familiar with the network set up that you are on, but it could be that the system works "properly" with Internet Explorer on Windows. That said, you may want to try the user agent switcher add-on for Firefox. This will trick it into thinking you are using IE. It may work, it may not. No harm in trying. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59/
  8. 100% Debian 100% Linux Mint 100% Kubuntu 100% Ubuntu I'd say it's fairly accurate. I use Linux Mint on my primary machine. It just works, and works well.
  9. CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is a good Linux live CD for forensics. It is an entire suite and has a lot of great tools. http://www.caine-live.net/
  10. This. Ophcrack is a great tool. I have used it many times to help people recover their passwords.
  11. I agree with the others. Leave them alone unless you have permission.
  12. I started learning Linux by messing around with live CDs such as Knoppix and Slax. Ubuntu while very newbie friendly is a good starting point, however, if you want to learn Ubuntu you use Ubuntu, if you want to learn Red Hat or Fedora you use Red Hat or Fedora, but if you want to get under the hood and really learn Linux, I suggest Slackware. If there is a LUG (Linux User Group) in your area, I suggest going to meetings. They will prove to be a valuable resource.
  13. I read a few of them. Linux Journal is by far my favorite. But Linux Pro, Linux User & Developer, and Linux Format are all good publications. The latter two I will buy when I have the extra cash as they can be quite pricey, $14.50 and $16.99 respectively.
  14. I contribute bug reports and just spread the word about FOSS. I actually got my mom using Ubuntu now and she loves it. I like to help people new to FOSS learn. I'd like to actually to contribute more in the realm of documentation and artwork, but time restraints won't let that happen right now. I do occasionally donate money to various projects. I'd like to get good at programming so I could contribute in that way as well.
  15. There are quite a few distros that would run well on that hardware. Check out: Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, Wolvix, Frugalware, or SLAX. All of them are rather lightweight and should work great. Of course if you really want to learn Linux and get under the hood, there is always the mighty Slackware.