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  1. Ubuntu, Slackware, & Puppy 31
  2. Darik's Boot & Nuke.. After you save you files, and before you reinstall your OS. I don't trust Windows formatting tools & nothing has topped this yet as the BEST hard drive wiping tool out there.
  3. You can download Solaris 9 CD version for Sparc here. You need to set up an account, but its all free.
  4. SparcStation 5 Service Manual More info and a bit more then some more again I have the SS4, SS5, & SS20. if you want a non-Solaris Distro on these machines, Netbooting or getting a CD-ROM drive are your only options. You can try Floppy distros, but they are known to not be very stable ands installations usually fail on Sparc arch.
  5. I have been looking high & low for the genesi open desktop workstation. Even ebay has no listing. They have been discontinued but are still known as wonderful machines. Anyone know of where I may find one? I'll even take overseas options.
  6. I remember with XP the Beta expired but the keys would work in the full release. I wonder ig they fixed that with 7?
  7. You should ask the question there, seriously.
  8. Heres a couple you may wanna check out..
  9. I have an iBook G3 700mhz, I used to have sourcemage Linux installed on it. One downside is that flash has no linux ppc version. However, as I already have linux on my other computers, I reinstalled Mac OS X on it, as it is my only mac, so that I could explore a little bit the mac operating system. What really sucks is that I'm stuck at Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) as starting from Leopard (10.5) support for the G3 was dropped. The lack of flash support under PPC Linux is a mild irritant, but the overall experience is work sacrificing the use of flash on one of my many computers.
  10. I have a G3 ibook 800mhz running Debian, and its considerably faster then OS X 10.4.11, which is the latest version it can run. I'm using it with XFCE and it is much faster then OS X, having more up to date software is an added bonus.
  11. Or Debian with Fluxbox/XFCE/AFTERSTEP I would recommend the Debian Net install disk if you go that route
  12. I had an issue in the past like this as well...My cordless phone and WiFi router were both running on 2.4 ghz. The cordless phone did not let you pick a specific channel to run on so the signal ALWAYS fluctuated when the cordless phone was used. I fixed the problem by buying a cordless phone in the 5.4 ghz range. I have since adopted Wireless N in the house and dropped my landline.
  13. My dislike for windows is simple.. I can run *nix on any hardware created in the last 20 years, Windows is limited to x86(they did RISC once or twice on the desktop) architectures. Being as I own multiple machines running on a variety of CPU Architectures, windows is not even a choice. Windows is a consumer OS 1st and a Power user OS 2nd, *nix is all about power. Security can be good on any OS if you know what you are doing. The Windows Vista arguments that the security is Great/Horrible are redundant in our forum, for the simple fact that we should all be well versed enough in security to take it into our own hands.
  14. I'm just as much of a fan of Survivalist/Self Reliant info as I am with Technical/Hacks....This issue was full of very useful Always. I may be biased, but I've been reading your writing since i was in high school in the mid 90's.
  15. AWESOME! I may sound like a fan boy, but I look forward to every issue.