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  1. Flash and python are completely different things. I would say flash if you would only like to develop web games/graphics.. But go python for deeper things and more extensibility.
  2. Maybe a loop? I don't know batch file scripting.. But I would imagine a loop would work.
  3. You could try using an app like Ccleaner and clean up your computer's junk constantly. But yeah, follow I-ball's suggestion and clean your box up.
  4. I think that Octal and I clearly pointed out how unrelated and out of place that post is in this thread. The guy is asking for help recovering data, not for help or suggestions on reading books. Anyways, I don't want to post random stuff like this anymore. Sorry.
  5. Okay...thats nice to know...? Wow, WTF? Wrong thread maybe? Or are you proposing a language for him to write a data recovery program in?
  6. It's amazing what people can accomplish. The level of ingenuity in that is amazing..
  7. I don't think that anyone on binrev was hacking your server. But I respect your effort to run a nice cheat free server. Keep it up. :voteyes:
  8. It shouldn't. Other computers should/may have defenses against this, i.e. firewalls, patches.. Worms and viruses generally spread through infected files, web sites, and email-attachments. So to answer your question, no not every computer on the LAN is going to get a certain virus if one of them has it.
  9. I have the app. I can send it to you if you want.
  10. Is the proxy ever going to be up?
  11. WTF? What was the point of that post?
  12. Yes, there are lots of tools for this. Check Cain and nmap out. You could get all the hosts and their information with these two tools. There are lots of others like ettercap as well.
  13. The mac address that the person would get would be the spoofed one if they scanned you. They could know if you're spoofing it because spoofing may potentially cause some network problems with two same MACs and IPs on one network.
  14. Wow, CC#! Move this to linkz.
  15. I am not sure what you're asking. You're saying that when you spoof your MAC address to his, the speed doesn't increase? I don't understand what he did to stop you from MAC spoofing. There's no way to put the IP address itself on a different port.. Is he using a program like Hamachi or something now?