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  1. Are you talking about an IP camera or a CCTV camera?
  2. Is it slow all of the time or just when it's unplugged? If it slows drastically when its unplugged, and that bothers you and you don't need long battery life, you might want to disable the Speed Step (or equivalent power saving system depending on architecture). Also if it is the original install of Windows that came with the laptop, reformat it, the factory installs alway come with so much useless crap.
  3. Its not that we're building a cheap DVR its just that we are using standard off the shelf PC hardware to build this and I know that Linux is stable but here's the situation. The computer is going to be in a building with really high ceilings 20+ feet, and the person that we are building this system for wants us to mount the computer up in the ceiling. So it's not very easy for someone to look over and see if the computer is still running. Also the customer has insisted that the system do certain things that just aren't realistically done with an off the shelf DVR. I have already rigged the computer up so that it can be restarted via a wireless key-fob but I would like it to take care of itself as much as possible since the people that are going to be relying on it can barely check their own e-mail.
  4. Yes that is exactly what I was thinking of, thank you.
  5. Well the reason that I am going with a PC based solution is that we need a lot more flexibility than what an off the shelf stand alone security DVR can do. Plus isn't it possible that Linux could lock up as well, admittedly not nearly as much as Windows, but still isn't there the possibility.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows of software/hardware for Windows or Linux that can detect when the system has locked up and automatically restart the system. I am building a PC based surveillance DVR for a customer and I need it to be able to restart it's self when it crashes. I found a product called Kick-Off but its almost $200 and that seems a little steep.
  7. May I ask who your ISP is?
  8. Yeah, I was almost wondering if it might be some sort of TTY terminal. I have no idea what it does when it's powered on, I saw it at a pawn shop and was considering buying it so I could use the case to make a desktop computer, but if it was something rare I wouldn't want to ruin it.
  9. Yes, it is safe to open your power supply. I have opened several power supplies in the past and I am still alive to tell the tales. You could even swap out the fan with a different one so long as it runs on the same voltage (in my experience this is always 12 volts, but double check to be sure). Just be carefull obviously not to touch the solder points on the bottom if you can help it, in theory those big capacitors could pack a punch, and if its powered on then it is doubly important to stay away from the capacitors and any where else where AC voltage is present.
  10. Can any one identify this computer, I believe that it says Data General in the upper right hand corner but I have googled for Data General's and haven't seen one that matched this picture. If anyone could help me out I would be very great full.
  11. Hope this helps:
  12. I don't know if the scenario you propose would be possible. I suppose you could set up an AD-HOC mesh network and then you some sort of LAN messaging application to communicate with people on the network. But, one of the problems would be the limited distance that Wifi can travel; since it it running at 2.4GHZ while CB radio is typically around 26.965 MHz-27.405 MHz you won be able to transmit nearly as far as a CB radio could. All things consider I do think that your idea is very interesting.
  13. Is this similar to what you're looking for?
  14. If you know or can find out what port LAN Remote uses you could use a program like Analog X's Port Blocker to block that specific port. Of course this may cause you to enrage the admin, and remember that "Hell has no fury like a Sys Admin scorned"
  15. The first thing I would try is to use a US based Proxy server.