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  1. There is a tool called arpwatch that will look for and report possible MAC address spoofing. Newer prototyped wireless IDS systems can also finger print the wireless driver and chipset, Then match them against a database of vendor assigned MAC prefixes. Of course that will cost a load of cash though. Just thought I'd mention it cause the technique is kinda cool.
  2. When booting two versions of Windows the oldest should be installed first. The newer versions are designed to automajically detect the old install and configure the boot-manager accordingly. If you are doing Win and Linux install Windows first. The distro's installer will probably detect the Win install and auto configure Grub or Lilo. You will need to repartition your drive as well (unless you've got a dedicated one). I would recommend a utility called Gparted. It will do a non-destructive repartition. and uses a Linux boot disc.
  3. This guy I once knew hacked gas pumps with a piece of duct tape.
  4. Another vote for the Lenovo, so far as a PC goes. My T30 was purchased around late '02 and still runs like a champ. It runs Linux with minimal fuss. With a standard Debian Testing install the only hardware that did not function was the modem. After a quick apt-get install everything worked flawlessly. If you're going to look at a Mac wait until after the upcoming Dev. Conference. Apple is rumored to be coming out with a new aluminum Mac Book. Of course Apple rumors are more often incorrect. Apple is known for bringing up new products with no warning though.
  5. OK, my first real hack was an SE when attending middle school. A very cute brunette named Michelle. Not as smart, but much cuter than a BSD kernel.
  6. man wget man cut man uniq man sort man cat man sed man awk man vi The unix filtering commands are the best thing in the world for making word lists. EDIT: sorry for being so blunt. I'm just too tired to go into details right now. Edit#2 sorry I did not realize what you are trying to do. I do not use BackTrak. There is a Windows utility called passwords pro that does the same thing and is very easy to use. It will generate wordlist up to 10gb.
  7. Rather than using telnet all the time it is simpler to use a template like .txt and pipe into netcat: type spoofed-mail.txt | nc -vv somemailserver.net 25
  8. I've been listening to Bruce scneier's podcast for a while
  9. I like using -PS or -PA. The SYN ping is not as stealthy as the -PA though.
  10. You probably could not hack them. Most computers on the net are fairly secure these days. An open port just means it is a TCP end point for a connection. These are usually a server process that will communicate with client software. Try using netcat to connect to them and hit return a few times. Every now and again you will get something out of the ordinary. Take a look at this: http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers That is a list of common port assignments. Everything from 1-1000 is usually run as root (though software like Apache will switch to another user). There is another defined range for other server processes and tcp stacks use ephemeral ports for the client connection. An open port presents a vulnerable part of the system. This is software that can be accessed and manipulated across the net. To exploit these you will have to learn how they work and how to program (the server software has to be poorly written as well). There are public programs that can do this, most are either old or malware though. if you want to hack try nmapping Disable your firewall first though.
  11. Ya, it was a little over 24hrs ago. I'm not really big on Slashdot. I'll give it a try the next few days. The place where I read tech. stuff doesn't even have any mention of it. Will never admit what site that is though
  12. I just saw this on the local news about 2 seconds ago .. LOL http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/05/22/lifelo...p.ap/index.html
  13. which laptop model do you have? http://compreviews.about.com/od/ultraporta...yVGNSZ750NC.htm I am not sure if all of them have the PCMCIA slot though. That review didn't mention it. Ecom Electronics has them on sale for $1596.00. Yeah your computer dosnt have a standard pcmcia slot. it has an express/34/54 slot. it may appear to be wide enough for a regular pcmcia and it is but the pcmcia card will not slide in all the way. express 34 54 and pcmcia cards are all different. I understand now, (I think) one is 54MM Express and the other is a 34MM express. That is weird I always thought of PCMCIA as a standard for a PC Card and PC Express as another standard. Both the driver and the specs at Sony defined it as a PCMCIA type I/II card slot. ID10T error on my part, but I wish companies would be more specific. Advertising as a 54mm PC Express card would've been more appropriate. I'm still under 90days and could return if I wanted. I really like it though despite my initial error. This is where I purchased it. Look under "Expansion Slots" on "Specifications" tab: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665296591 To me it looks like it says 34mm PC Express and one PCMCIA Type I/II slot. I've not had the time to do much with it yet, as I've been out of town off and on for the past month. All in all it is a nice computer. A backlit keyboard would be welcome. Though I was spoiled using a Thinkpad and a Mac Book Pro, each with a illumination mechanism for the keyboard.
  14. which laptop model do you have? http://compreviews.about.com/od/ultraporta...yVGNSZ750NC.htm I am not sure if all of them have the PCMCIA slot though. That review didn't mention it. Ecom Electronics has them on sale for $1596.00.
  15. I lucked out. My new laptop has both PCMCIA and PC Express slots. I plan on running a Senao 2511-CD EXT2 in the PCMCIA slot and the Ubiquiti to locate networks. I'm just worried about kernel incompatibilities between Host AP and Mad WiFi Drivers (assuming this will work with the Ubiquiti). That is the main reason I choose the Sony over a Dell m1330. I noticed you are fond of those