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  1. i was doing a search and saw this site, it's got loads of useful links.
  2. who's eva? it would probably be better if you use their handle so we know who you're talking to, betty.
  3. here's a whole programme about Mentalism. he has lots of other stuff too in his videos.
  4. don't know if you want these or not? - this is the Bruce Schneier's Monthly Crypto-Gram Security Newsletter read out by some bloke
  5. that's two the debian one is good they love flame wars. i asked a question about ubuntu once on #debian lol.
  6. in the uk we have about 3 or 4 stories a week about lost data on discs and laptops atm, it's quite a good combination - the government stores as much data as possible then they go and sell/lose/give it away lol. 1000s of innocent people have their dna and fingerprints stored too, more than anywhere else i think. my pr0n is safer than the average uk government database, i can sleep better at least knowing that
  7. am i having deja-vu, or has he been missing before? i looked it up i was thinking of when he had a stroke and it was mentioned on the show. i hope he gets back ok.
  8. i was sure when i clicked on a link called "How to Become a Hacker" i'd end up reading something by Eric Raymond, but it looks like someone else has written about it too lol -
  9. here's the user guide - there are two books i know of about wireshark too - i'm not sure how good they are. /OT i just saw the book called Network Warrior, i might get that.
  10. lugradio did a segment on phorm etc. anyway, i heard the latest news on companies like phorm, NebuAd etc was all their shares fell and they were doing really, really badly. one of the CEOs left too. it looks like all the bad publicity they got did the job and their spyware won't be used.
  11. i think what you want to find out is how LANs work, you can lookup stuff like MAC addresses, ethernet ARP, packet collisions etc and then maybe look at the TCP/IP, learn how traceroute works, lookup the protocols, udp, icmp, tcp. if you keep reading about it all it will stick in the end, i'm not really in to hacking, i'd love to be a great white-hat hacker but it's not going to happen for a good few years because i watch too many films when i'm using the computer lol, i don't think i've learned anything for a few years now
  12. that's pretty cool, i didn't know you could extract the thumbs on linux. burberry
  13. results at jotti's A-Squared - Found nothing AntiVir - Found nothing ArcaVir - Found nothing Avast - Found nothing AVG Antivirus - Found nothing BitDefender - Found nothing ClamAV - Found nothing CPsecure - Found nothing Dr.Web - Found nothing F-Prot Antivirus - Found nothing F-Secure Anti-Virus - Found nothing Ikarus - Found nothing Kaspersky Anti-Virus - Found nothing NOD32 - Found nothing Norman Virus Control - Found nothing Panda Antivirus - Found nothing Sophos Antivirus - Found nothing VirusBuster - Found nothing VBA32 - Found nothing Found nothing with all the scanners! i looked at it in hexdump and strings and i think it's a Thumbs.db
  14. That was pure bullshit. The Thumbs.db.file had similar contents to a thumbs.db I just unzipped from my My Music folder. Its a dud. 7zip can unzip .db files. CONTENTS of DOWNLOADED FILE: 01, 1, 2, 3, 02. Etc. just little 2kb files just like the stock one in my My Music folder. i don't know why you're quoting my post saying "That was pure bullshit." :cry: lol smilies are so funny i haven't seen the file. are Thumbs.db all the same? you can just compare it to a normal one then i suppose, it might even have the same checksum. i'm totally clueless with a hex editor, but wouldn't it be obvious if it had some kind of packed executable in it??? i'll download it now and look blankly at it in a hex editor
  15. you can try scanning it at jotti's to see what comes up. and run it in a vm, you could try using something like processmon to see what happens, just lookup 'analysis malware' and you'll find a load of software you can use to monitor what happens. as long as you use a vm you'll be fine, you can just delete the vm afterward.