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  1. I need a site or script that will tell me the accounts I have are still usable or not. Any help is appreciated but please don't try and sell me anything as I don't have the money Thanks to all who reply though
  2. I have where been using skype and Google voice for years and never new this but will get some friends to try it and see where we go Tada DC
  3. This I like very knowledgeable and interesting person. Tada DC
  4. Nothing free then for us who have no budget at all but If I get money its nice to know someone has kept this for us
  5. You just know if they all got together in a bar it would end up the same only a little more violent. Very funny Tada DC
  6. You got to be kidding, no one realistically comes here to ask that sort of question. A google search would return more than can be posted in here in two days, unless you need help in using google. So why the ask. As with all great thinkers (I am not one by the way) to reply to any question correctly you should consider what the person making the inquiry wishes to get out of the answer or is a response in itself sufficient. A puzzle??
  7. No why pay for something that you can get for free,many open source and hack pros do this DC
  8. Turn on GPS AND WRITE THE TRACKING DATA TO A MICROsd. Dupe the sim and Android it to monitor the texts and the calls, make sure the mic is off. This is really old but it still works.
  9. systems_glitch Sounds like a good idea for a trial out if they want to test their fortress we could test out cannon Sounds like the fun I could like DC
  10. Anyone interested in a small group using the LOIC as a playing filed just for fun. DC
  11. Anyone interested in a small group using the LOIC as a playing filed just for fun. DC
  12. downloaded and used the LOIC what a great weapon for the slow to learn. Thas me by the way
  13. Hi Thanks for the heads up on this seriously getting out of the cozy feelin with my phonezone