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  1. is skype really free and is it worth the download. I heard that it only works on win xp and win 2000 is this true.
  2. if i had a router and a external hardrive could i conect them together and make a wireless harddrive this might be a dumd question
  3. is this product a cell phone scanner. This cellular scanner permits you to listen in on any 800/900 MHz. So is 800/900 MHz all new cell phones also will it work in the uk. If anyone know of a better cell scanner let me know thanks
  4. i downloaded TCP Optimizer and know im getting 3.5mb thanks eveyone for the help
  5. i git the same result 1.5mb
  6. ist cable and dsl the same. ← my isp is blueyounder
  7. ist cable and dsl the same.
  8. is a accuret test. I asking this beacuse i had a 1mb connection and it was suppoesed to upgrade to 4mb two weeks ago. My isp said you have got 4mb but when i do a spped test it says i have 1.5mb. My isp said we ensure you that you have 4mb
  9. Hi I recently installed Zonealarm. The Generic Host Process For Win32 Services is troubling me. Can you please tell me what it is for ? What does it do ? Is it a spy program ? What should be the rules for the program ? Should it be blocked ? If not ,why so?
  10. does anywhere know where i can get the belkin router manual. I through mine away
  11. Set up both computers with the same administrative username and password. Then log in as administrator on Computer A (for sake of argument, lets say its IP is and turn on computer B (we'll say its IP is Basically at this point On computer A Open up your browser window and enter "\\[iP of ComputerB]\C$" (or in this argument \\\C$) That will show you everything on the C drive. For drive D, simply replace C$ with D$, etc etc Hope this helps ← ok ill be honest its not my comuter that im rying to access its some one elses but i keep picking up there connection. So i cant phisicly access the other computer
  12. i am running a wireless connection of a router how do i access my other comuter through the bios i want to access my files. Can some give me step by step commands. I am a compleat newbe. Im running winxp
  13. wen i type hostname in the run bar the windows pops up and then disaperars really fast i cant even print screen it in time thats how quick i disapears what do i have to do
  14. yeh i want some gif images that are under people name where can i get these from
  15. does any one know where i can get gif images from like the ones you have above you name thanks.