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  1. If you were to read the link you posted, you would've come across this: An to answer you're question, they got some what they wanted. The US PATRIOT Act and the demand that all ISPs create backdoors for them so that it makes it "easier."
  2. People with money make up the government.
  3. warez are illegal and are not permitted to be talked about here. (we are not criminals) find more information here ← LoL (Keep telling yourself that.) ← psh...kiddies...
  4. You took the words right out of the article... ← Which would make the comment more of a fact than a shot in the dark..?
  5. Breeding the future spooks who'll be ordered to snoop on us by whatever dickhead president is in office at the time.
  6. After seeing the post about getting free stuff from the NSA, I went looking around their site and lost myself in their links, and ended up here: Some good links on there. Some informational sites, some links to tools, etc.
  7. I use both. Depending on what I'm using a search engine for, I'll usually use Google first. Then I'll use Yahoo! to compare the results and pick and choose from whatever I find.
  8. Thar be law to stop pirates from plunderin ye booty, arrrr! ← LMAO!
  9. Tell your dad "nice find" Thanks for sharing the link. Good stuff. :voteyes:
  10. Alright, now that we know your aliases and your interest in computers... jk To keep this topic going: I don't use myspace heh
  11. Do you by chance know which version of winzip he used to create the file? (It's a long shot, but who knows...). I have a program that may work. I'm working on testing it out here in a soon as I can get everything over to my laptop...
  12. AMEN BROTHA!!! The whole time I was reading that I was feeling like I was saying it. God that felt good to get out lol
  13. *In reference to CallPacket* Well, my voicemail didn't pick up the activation code. So I clicked on the link in the email again to have them call my phone again. I got the phone call and the code. I came back to my computer, put it in, and it said I'd be receiving another email shortly....I never got it. So I tried to click on the link again, put in the same code, but it didn't work (bastards provide a different code each time you click on it, argh). Anyways, so I wrote them about the problem and they have yet to get back to me. It's been 4 days now. How long is it supposed to take to get that last email geez...
  14. I think you've nailed what you were looking for: a nice clean look. Simple, yet effective. I like it.
  15. NOPE!!! Read the card and your cardholder agreement - NOT VALID UNLESS SIGNED means exactly that, the card is not valid unless signed. In fact, it's not just the DOT, EVERY MERCHANT is supposed to decline your card if it is not signed, and if you have 'ask for id' on the back, they are supposed to ask for your photo ID and instruct you to sign the card and refuse to complete the transaction until you sign the card, it's part of their merchant agreement. -- If your card gets stolen, report it stolen, you're not liable for a penny, the most you can be liable for is $50. Credit cards are meant for CONVEINENCE. As for the check thing, checks are negotiable instruments, merchants are allowed to record DL #s on checks, this is so their insurance company will reimburse them if it's a bounced check or stolen, checks suck, and I hate the people that use them, all they do is hold up lines at the grocery mart when one could just as easily use there debit card, and if you don't have the money maybe you shouldn't be trying to spend it, or get a credit card -- oh wait if you're using checks your credit probably sucks b/c you don't know how to manage money. My two cents ← Oh wow, thanks for clearing that up lucky225 :voteyes: