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  1. Its crazy that it has happened but Gawker and Life Hacker both two great security websites on the net have in fact been hacked. There database and everything else have been exploited and published on the net. I have included a copy of the text file the attackers put out on the web. Its a pretty good read. I just can’t believe that These sites use every weak passwords that anyone could crack.
  2. Plz Delete ment to post in links
  3. i did not design it but the guys name and everythings on his site. feel free to send him some email love
  4. Well, that was fast. In roughly 24 hours, Firesheep has been downloaded more than 104,000 times, as would-be-hackers — or the merely curious— downloaded the Firefox extension to test the exploit. As we reported on Sunday night, Eric Butler’sFiresheep allows users on a public Wi-Fi network to effectively spy on others, by giving Firesheep users access to sensitive information (via cookies) that lets them log into their victim’s accounts on unsecured sites. The Firesheep extension is wired to identify a few dozen popular sites that are vulnerable to attack on public networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Yelp. i have also added a download on my site.
  5. i use dban a lot at work and its pretty good for wiping drives. takes a bit but its worth it in the end.
  6. best thing ever i love it
  7. An upcoming presentation at the Black Hat security conference later this month will reportedly demonstrate how millions of household routers, from popular brands such as Netgear, Linksys, and Belkin, suffer from a vulnerability that allows hackers to intercept and redirect traffic as well as access computers on a local network. The flaw was discovered by Maryland-based security consultancy Seismic and exploiting it involves an old a technique called DNS rebinding. By visiting a maliciously crafted website, vulnerable routers can be tricked into giving up a visitor’s IP address as if it were a secondary IP address for that site. This in turn allows the router’s administrative front-end to be compromised, enabling hackers to gather information from the router, monitor traffic, and access machines on the victim’s network. Though these router front-ends are normally password-protected, most people don’t bother changing the default passwords, and even when they do, security flaws within the front-end may allow the password to be bypassed anyway. Modern browsers offer some level of protection against such attacks, but not with this particular scenario — for reasons that are due to be explained at the Black Hat conference. The researchers claim these vulnerabilities have been known for a while, which is why they’ve announced plans to release a proof-of-concept tool that will facilitate such attacks, with hopes that browser writers and router vendors will finally come around fixing the issue. A list of vulnerable routers tested so far can be found here — the last column indicates whether the specific router listed is prone to this sort of attack or not. While we wait for more details to become available, lists some possible workarounds such as updating your router’s firmware and using strong passwords. This got submitted to my site pretty damn early today. i have attached all the lists so far on my forums in a document. kept looking funny when i tried to paste it.
  8. i agree with this statement 100%.
  9. very awesome i will check this out as soon as i get home
  10. I am installed a gallery on my site. I wanted to get pictures of peoples case mods and some other pics on there if you have any feel free to send them to
  11. o well i was going to tell you to go into admin and stuff but i guess that wont work idk i will ask around at work.
  12. This thing is going to rock
  13. all i have seen so far is that people are replacing there wifi cards in the netbooks for acer with a different one and then it runs super fast. i tried it before with just running it without the wifi working but then what good is a laptop w/o the wifi.
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew if the new mac os would run on a netbook. I have tried that mac osx86 os and i cant get the wifi to work with the acer one that i have so i was wondering if that the new one that is out will work.