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  1. I have a orginized list of movies, I have autoated movie cover dl, actor image dl and movie description document... I'm compile this info into a website running on localhost. The most important feature is the trailer src that I strugle to automate this download... Omdb provides verry nice trailer that I hope to download OR just use the page/scrpt source... I can engineer a proper get request for a single download but I notice its not consistent src location... If some one can look at page src of i a mdb trailer. I don't have java script skill to defeat there security they try to prevent this... I'm open for ideas, iframe src could be the main page but this is sloppy and I want to isolate the vido only....
  2. i have not read the hole post so forgive my ignornce... i have been wanting to create a network of cuda machines... are these machines nvidia graphics? for example take a large dictanary file and split into 50 parts per 50 machines... when the password is found send a sucess kill msg across the network... you have alot of processing power... sounds like fun
  3. Recently I have spent some time learning sqli, 2 tools you must try, 'mole' & 'darksqli' They both have functions to find your injection point... Try darksqli first with the --findcol option... This is cheating but it may help u understand
  4. Meterpreter would be your best bet... Plenty of tutorials out there... It's safe to say every one loves a meterpreter reverse shell... Everything you need exist in the Metasploit framework
  5. My system boots up in one second (not joking) Metasploit loads in one second aswell compare to other computers might take 20 seconds Check reviews on the product before you buy I have 2 identical machines, both with 7 core cpu but one has ssd... Huge performance boost from ss
  6. Evilgrade for the win
  7. Look up cuda cracking, with passthru with crunch, purehate has a pdf online... I'm on my Droid I would give u a link... You would needto figure out your crunch command... I'm sure purehate would help you put together the cmd with the description you just gave edit, im not all that great with fancy linux commands, but here is basic example (password legth 4 to 5) ./crunch 4 5 '@!_123asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm' if you know the password length this wont take that long
  8. Mpgh lol did u Google my name... This was a automated bot I created that will register to all forums after a Google search and then start a social engineer attack on the entire user list...
  9. A joke like this I assume he will run it on his moms computer... Antivirus software is a joke, disable it so u can get your lol's
  10. Google Autoit winzip tutorial Never ending loop While Mousemove(top-left) If key_is_pressed(a) then Send(backspace+z) End
  11. Ill reply with out reading the hole post... It might be as simple as While System("wget http/site.com/video.swf May need to use broswer cookie, proxyhains and thread
  12. Pick a language and learn some basic sockets, ruby Perl Python I would pick one and roll with it... Http web client could be a start...
  13. So I'm working on a project I plan to share once I have everything orginized... There are a lot of tutorials out there but none have covered all senario's What if log poisoning is possible but your typical <?php passthu();?> does not work... What other methods can we attempt to achieve command execution... So what else can we write to this log, Perl? Python? Ruby? java?
  14. I grew up in tacoma, I now live in puyallup... This was the first forum I registered when I became interested in this hacking scene... Just thought I would stop by to see what's going on at binrev and I see my home town is the topic ;-p I can't remember my first account, but I was registered maybe 5 years ago...