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  1. Decodez0r: ( Exception.— The prohibition of subsection (a) does not apply with respect to the use of a pen register or a trap and trace device by a provider of electronic or wire communication service— 2) to record the fact that a wire or electronic communication was initiated or completed in order to protect such provider, another provider furnishing service toward the completion of the wire communication, or a user of that service, from fraudulent, unlawful or abusive use of service; or (3) where the consent of the user of that service has been obtained. This is ONE PARTY consent, just like the federal recording law is one party, it does NOT require the CALLING party's consent, only the CALLED party's consent, and that is how trapcall is legal, just as Caller ID is legal, when you subscribe to Caller ID, you give your CONSENT for the telco to do a trap and trace on every incoming call when you order the service. The privacy bit is under FCC rules, title 47 cfr 64.1601 and has nothing to do with "trap and trace" and only regulates "common carriers", and even if trapcall falls under the definition of a "common carrier", the rules allow for toll free calls to receive that information, regardless of weather or not the call was forwarded, and until the rules are amended, trapcall is legal.
  2. TrapCall is the shit. Disclosure: I consult for them. But I still love them. It's awesome and the advanced features are cool. I love getting a text with the callers CNAM instantly. Poulsen's article on us is pretty sweet. If you guys got a minute, mind Digging the story?
  3. Ok I'm not sure why but I'm having a hard time finding a complete set of bluebox tones online in wav or mp3 format. Does anyone have the set (with the proper length) that they can link me to? Thanks. Will let you know what its for soon!
  4. Do you mind terribly if I borrow the first quote from your signature for my signature?

  5. I pushed the developer of SpoofApp to make a version for Google Android, being that the platform is open and he wouldn't have to deal with The Apple App Store nazi's rejecting the app, and lo-and-behold SpoofApp for Android was released last night! If you have a T-Mobile G1 check the Android Marketplace under the Entertainment category. and for the latest updates. Android really is sweet. And SpoofApp runs as good, if not better, than it's iPhone based version!
  6. sup natas,

    did you ever check out the other DB that was in the dir with the LERG?

  7. I'm not using any software, this is just a basic site thats not running off any type of CMS.
  8. I'm trying to make nice URLs for my site by turning urls like: into Well, I had that figured out in my htaccess file, but then I realized that it screwed up all my jpgs, gifs, and css files because now it thinks those files are located at instead of I really don't want to have to change all my files to link to the full relative can I do something with htaccess to fix this issue? Doesn't wordpress already do this? I looked at an example htaccess file but couldnt figure it out. Any help would be very much appreciated
  9. Wondering what people are thinking of Android.
  10. WTF? Well, try signing up for a new account....that keeps giving me errors. Any suggestions for other free fax services, ThoughtPhreaker?
  11. It doesn't look like is working anymore.....I can't create a new account and when I call my old numbers its not leaving me voicemails or faxes....I got called in the past 30 days so it should be working still. Anyone have any other free fax services they recommend? Additionally, how fucking annoying is it that and are different sites? The people who run this shit cant fix their .htaccess file to redirect one to the other for christs sake....
  12. I wrote a how to install SpoofApp 3G tonight on Squidoo. I think SpoofApp needed something like this to help people jailbreak, install Cydia, download and install. So here it is....with help from Why would I do this? Cause SpoofApp is the SHIT! <3
  13. I finally made the stats page tonight where you can see the top l33turls, sorted by visits. I tried to make the thing l33t with css, but had a hard time and ended up having to use tables. So pardon my web 1.0 code.
  14. Anyone know anything about It's DNS is pointing to Seems like something some phreakz would set up. Edit:
  15. Someone should start a natas sustenance fund, to ensure he has enough financial support to further his projects. And these are just the projects I post about on here.... I work for myself doing all this stuff now so I have to do way more than this to keep up the jet setting lifestyle!