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  1. As usual, I'll be there
  2. You know I love you droops...
  3. http://www.youmail.com/login/greetingView.do?id=3857
  4. Digg it! http://digg.com/security/Binary_Revolution...in_last_episode lol
  5. i posted that cause i wanted to partition the hard drive to fit windows and linux not to install just linux big difference i don't care what people think of me but your taking just a couple of curios help posts and thinking you know what i am capable of and i don't mean this to be rude in anyway i know im not 1337 very far from it but i am setting a goal i get bored with things after awhile so i focus on many things at once i have ADD so i learn a couple of things liek in language i learned spanish and portugese at the same time cause it was difficult to keep my attention i use to really good at C but just lost focus on it and i do know C was made to create OSes i don't know i m just shooting for the stars and keeping me going it's dream i have not a oh im starting it right now just i would liek to start on learning what i need to do it the way i want to Personally, I think you should get a comfortable grasp on grammar and punctuation as it relates to the English language. Learn English before you consider a programming language. Forum posts do not have to be perfect, but it would be nice if you could tell where your sentences end and another begins.
  6. Can we skip the April Fool's joke already. I need my hackermedia back, please.. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'hmedia_hmedia'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/hmedia/mysql.php on line 9 Could not connect to mySQL server on localhost.
  7. I guess exploiting your own box first is not an option.. Actually, finding and fixing your own flaws is part of the game. I'm on cia right now. :pissed: GOT ROOT ? *you need root to do good sniffing. * you need root for nessusd etc you can just try nikto or something... I did a twat on nessus http://twatech.org/alleps.php There was an issue with a commander giving out wheel group access (what gives sudo rights) and people were deleting logs, accounts, files, etc... so now only two people (the owners / admins) know the password. Definitely no root access. I know, but that needs root for "make install" I guess you really dont get it... I realize that patching your own box is part of the game... If you exploit your own box first, YOU GET ROOT, THEN YOU CAN INSTALL ANY FREAKIN THING YOU NEED
  8. XP Domain controller? They don't exist. Try searching for Server 2003 instead. Also, you can try scanning these ports for Active Directory and LDAP * TCP port 389 for client communications * TCP port 636 for SSL communications * TCP port 3268 for communications to Global Catalog server * TCP port 3269 for SSL communications to Global Catalog server
  9. I guess exploiting your own box first is not an option..
  10. I got it. Thanks, of course, I won't give the files away, sorry anubis26... That's cool, but maybe you shouldn't have added this P.S. then...
  11. What you did effectively created a security problem. You enabled the root account...
  12. Here are the torrent files for all the vids..torrents.zip
  13. Who exactly is "you"? Kernel Source OSX - Compile the kernel I love OSX and Linux. But they are very different animals that serve 2 different purposes very well. I won't comment on the purposes or reasons because OS wars never end without bloodshed... One thing every OSX user should at least take a look at is Fink Fink has a very broad selection of Unix open-source software completely ported to Darwin. It also has a nice GUI that easily allows even novice users to take advantage of it. Also, here is a nice place to look for Mac Security
  14. I think it is great that they are making this available via RSS. The feed is even iTunes friendly. However, the videos do not actually exist. iTunes fails to grab any of them. If you dig into the XML, you can try a direct link to one of the MP4 files and they are not there. Bruce Potter -- Trusted Computing This is somewhat embarrassing for the hacking community.
  15. Im close to Dayton, maybe we should start a separate one for that area?