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  1. I saw this thread referenced by another... Tools such as nmap, nikto, etc. generate A LOT of noise. Also, they do all the work for you so you don't learn much (if anything). A true pen test will be one that emulates the real world as much as possible. A good hacker will not generate much noise, thereby flying under the radar. If you take a look at hacker history, the people who have gotten caught were careless. They generated a lot of noise. The hackers I've learned from do most of their work by hand and are very successful at what they do. They're the ones that haven't been busted. So, in short, don't use nmap, nikto, etc. Do everything by hand. Besides, you'll learn MUCH more.
  2. On a relatively related side-note, this all works because of one thing: ptrace. I love ptrace, such a powerful tool.
  3. TrueCrypt's deniability is in question. Read for more detail. The vulnerabilities were found in version 5.1a. The developers at TrueCrypt are claiming 6.0 fixes them, however I'd still question them.
  4. I don't know much about NCIC, or how to answer your question. However, please don't write "inb4". It just looks dumb.
  5. You probably wouldn't be able to use TrueCrypt to do that. However, linux has a built-in crypto library. A quick search on google for "encrypt /home partition" brings up a few good results. Using google is a fast, easy way to find what you're looking for (most of the time).
  6. I use snapshotting. It works well. However, I also back up once per month my winxp vm to another disk, in case I randomly reinstall the host OS or something crashes.
  7. Encryption isn't a "solve all my problems" solution. There are still ways to find out what you're doing, even if your data is encrypted. Data analysis can determine who you're talking to (which might be just as, if not more, incriminating than the data being transferred), what you're communicating, and if and how you are relaying information. Take a gander at Also, no need to post the full text here, the link is on Slashdot. You could have posted the link and given us your thoughts, instead of just copying/pasting an article.
  8. Great choice, kitche. I wish everyone would realize BSD's power of GPL.
  9. I very much dislike Theo. No OpenBSD here.
  10. My laptop has the 4965 chip in it. I love it. It works flawlessly. My only gripe is that *BSD doesn't fully support it, yet. Drivers are in development for freebsd, but that's for 8.0 and they only partially work. If netbsd had full support for the 4965, I'd be running it.
  11. I really like running netbsd as a router/firewall. Setting up ipf/ipnat is really simple. You get a FAST, secure router/firewall and more with netbsd.
  12. wasn't doc droppers to be used for that same purpose?
  13. Aghaster, I release the source if I release the program publicly. Generally, my projects aren't ever released, just kept in a public SVN repo.
  14. I've never contributed to an open source technology. I don't plan on it. I do, however, write security-related programs of my own that others are free to use.
  15. ring 0. ring -1 doesn't exist.