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  1. Look - 130,000 HITs. Don't you think that someone is going to notice? That's quite a substantial payout, and one to be noticed from a relatively small division. The dangers of getting caught are high, and possible fraud charges are not worth it. This is a large company backing them; and you're messing with their property on their servers. Defrauding companies isn't a good way to make a buck. Defrauding a major company to make a buck is just stupid. They give you 3cents a pop. It would take you 1000 HITs to make $30. Chicken feed, and already there it should be setting off alarms on their end. And this is seperate from folger's cards, as we are actively going out of our way to defraud that company, instead of relying on a freebie. ← That isn't fraud, possibly a violation of their ToS (last time I checked it was explicit about the use of bots, but I could be wrong), but it is not fraud (IANAL). That being said, it seems like no one uses MTurk, because all of the HITs are moderated, meaning if they don't look right, you don't get the money. As the average of approved hits goes down, so do your qualifications, and you can do fewer and fewer HITs.
  2. Split archives
  3. Cal's should be open again for new registration.
  4. I personally prefer udon noodles, they are thicker and so much tastier with just some soy or teriyaki sauce. Better quality flavoring, most likely. Now get to setting your home-page to Goatse!
  5. That's easy: Cup Noodles has stuff other than noodles in it (veggies, meat, etc.), while the bags are simply some powder and noodle blocks. Now, instead of making his site your home page, you must make Goatse your homepage. You're welcome!
  6. There are a few terabyte providers out there, not only mailnation. Unless, of course, the service I'm familiar with is run by mailnation....
  7. I thought Echolink also worked with Windows...
  8. You should study more for your ham license, that is near impossible unless you want to get a decently powered rig and set it up as a repeater on 2 meters (including all the legal crap you have to do for that), leave it connected to phone lines, and then take your HT with you and you can do an autopatch. The idea is too convoluted, cost-prohibitive, and ineffective. You will only be able to get on the frequency your repeater is sitting on if you have enough range, and that means enough power and height. A powerful rig and a nice tower is very expensive, and even the more powerful repeaters can only be heard for 30-50 miles on 2m and 70 cm. A 5w HT will get you bad reception on an autopatch anyways, for the most part. Most ham radio clubs have repeaters that have autopatch (for some, only members are allowed to use it, or they are 911-only, etc.) and are much more powerful, but still, anyone can hear your conversations and it isn't really a great way to do calls. You can't do business calls either. You are better off getting a cell phone
  9. I could get you some recipies from my various times working as a cook at various restaurants. The most important thing when cooking is to experiment, try new things and flavorings, many times you'll get something quite good.
  10. How many did you buy?
  11. That is any major city in the world, I've seen it in Manhatten. However, China does not submit to WIPO, so it is interesting that they gave a shit in the first place (they were probably bought by the MPAA, for all I know).
  12. I love script-kiddies, they are absolutely hilarious. Stupid questions, worse ideas, gonna end up in PITA prison, etc. etc. I bet he goes around middle school yelling about how much of a 1337 h4xx0r he is. Of course, I could be wrong, but something tells me I'm not
  13. Yes, because everyone who uses the program will not post anywhere else that could be found on google with the same problem and possible answers. Are you going to ask us if you can send 1337 viruses to linux users too?
  14. It could also be that your connection is unstable, resulting in slight connection drops but not enough for you to really notice. Or I could be making stuff up.