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  1. Actually from what i've seen some people just get other peoples passwords by phising. It has happen to my dad a lot... he sells stuff on ebay then i guess somehow people who want other peoples passwords just email the seller with the "Contact" button on the sellers feedback page. I check his email a lot and try to help him out now but those email look so legit you wonder if you should click on the link. I get tired of it though because they keep sending different ones and when some people (like my dad) don't know shit about social engineering clikc on the links and fill it out and never know. My dad did it once and someone put a 2003 Corvette up for sale for about 12 g's "Buy Now" and good thing he checks his account a lot otherwise we would of been WTF!?!... but ebay came up with teh ghey toolbar and it works by checking where you send the passwords. I'll show you one of the emails i've gotten but im at school.
  2. Yeah i've only had the problem that when someone in my house answers the phone it disconnects the wireless connection.
  3. Yeah it looks pretty good it has a big enough library of music but yeah their paypal payment option is down i was just gonna put some money down for some mb. Any know if this is temporary or they are not accepting paypal anymore.
  4. I have a real good laptop (Toshiba) that has 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 512MB, 60GB, DVD±RW/CD-RW and it think if i ran it as a server it would do pretty good but for something like your laptop that dosent even have a NICard good luck.
  5. Well that crap they put aint gonna help.
  6. I know but it still cost me money... i needed to buy it because it was for a school pc this was i dont know year ago.
  7. Same shit happen to me just yesterday. I've been using *nix (slack) for about one year but ive managed to use xp more, but damn i just lost 50 gb of good stuff including Photoshop 7.0 (payed for it and lost the cd and serial), Macromedia Studio, a lot of expensive server software, personal files, passwords, settings that took me about half of my day to set, a lot more stuff. Good thing i have Knoppix to go back but still... i aint going to waste half a day getting my stuff back just because windows decided to delete something in the c:/system32 folder and do some other weird ass shit. So fuck windows! I still need it though
  8. I can give you ftp access and a sub domain but i cant host that unless its a top level domain (im not sure something like that) which means that .tk, .cjb, .some other forwarder wont work. Now if you have a domain i could also help you.
  9. ftp://0x65.com Username: tink@0x65.com Password: tink Subdomain: tink.0x65.com Email admin@0x65.com for a new password. Im working on a script to automate this on my cpanel but cant make it work.
  10. How in the hell do i get gmail. I dont really need it since i got my own server but i'll be kinda cool having a @gmail.com
  11. How do you make a proxy server from your house? I've heard about it but never tried it. So far right now the only thing i do to get around Websense i do a Remote Desktop connection to my pc at home but sometimes i forget to turn my pc on in the morning and can't access binrev in school.
  12. Same here i just changed servers so im going to upload it to the new one which is a little bit faster.
  13. The high res vids mirrors are all down. Can someone upload the high res vid somewhere so i can wget to my new server.
  14. Off my head ::1 = = localhost