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  1. Mr Doorbell just dialed via a secret number earlier - didnt expect that
  2. yoyoyo There's a ninjaconf (bridge) setup for defcon week. You can reach it a couple of ways. The public numbers (free call from payphones) are the following: 8553692600 //I'll keep the others private And the DIDs: 213.260.9116 907.331.4360 The catch is, you gotta chirp chirp to get in.. However, I found out earlier that iphone5's are not passing the 2600hz properly for some reason.. So you cant get in from one of those.. I messaged woz about it lol. (remember, not all phones were created equal) This is an open bridge for general use through to next week, so fear! And in case you're wondering, projectmf was not used in this.. This is SIP with a modified dsp Peace! /eof
  3. Hey Thanks man, I lost the recordings (except for what I uploaded on yt) but I realized today that the phonetrips ftp is down.. speaking of backing up stuff, I really need to get those 4ess 95969xx recordings, recorded. heh
  4. ninjaconf going on 9073314360 ---note: you gotta whistle while you pwn. #2600
  5. We hooked an actual payphone up to it today... used an audiocodes sip ata to asterisk. It worked perfectly. Everyone at work was fearing.
  6. You can ask for special flag on your account that indicates you're special. Then you won't have to worry about it.. but just use sip and test.
  7. I wrote dialplan to handle them. If I don't recognize a number (or if I turn on cross checking my phonebook) I reject it, then it's forwarded over to my robocontrol number. Which first checks to see if the call is blocked, then unblocks and sends it right back to me if so, if not blocked, then it checks to see if the caller is whitelisted or not. If they are, then the caller is forwarded to an external voicemail with call diversion set. If they are not whitelisted then it proceeds and pat fleet is all "Im sorry, the subscriber you are calling does not accept unsolicited calls. To verify yourself, please answer the following: What is, what is, 2+2 5 is also a valid answer.. But it does a random math problem thats simple. Its one of six different math problems. If they answer it correctly, the callerid is appended and number whitelisted, then routed back to me. If they do not answer it, then they are blacklisted, (which can be toggled off) and an email report is sent out to a special email address. Its pretty good. I like it. I was going to submit it for the FTC robochallenge fearness but I was moving and forgot to hit submit.. BTW the robocontrol number cannot be dialed directly.. It needs to have a call diversion of where the call was forwarded from to get past the playtones hangup.
  8. Word! I got it to work... Had to set inband sipdtmfmode(inband) for that call. nice Also hint read is gonna be the app
  9. Oh man for real! that was a good site.. But yeah.. *67 just changes the presentation to withhold the calling party number from the called party. But it's usually in the p asserted identity or remote party id when using voip, even though the party called, will get private or anon displayed, it's in the headers. (depending on what's being sent from your downstream)
  10. Hello, Well it's not really an ani fail but more so failing your charge number and then settinng your calling party number. There's some voip carriers will send a fail behind your calling party, so.. just set your cpn to letters or something to break it and it'll pass unavailable. However 8004444444 will do weird things when you fail to it. 4443333 will just read cpn.
  11. Did anyone here ever get this working? I found the patch and started from scratch with the version referenced here with this patch (1.8.0) I recompile and there's no issues there. But for whatever reason, cointones are still not being recognized. I tried with the read app, background and waitexten with no success. It will only read 1234567890*#ABCD The patch has $ indicated as the symbol for coin but I have also tried changing that to "M" just in case there's any issues with the $ sign and no dice. When I search the internet, all I see is this guy that is searching for the same thing, then finally his patch. But nothing seems to be documented for this, although the patch is pretty straight forward. I'm just wondering if anyone else has messed with this. peace
  12. yeah I hear you.. I miss mine as well.. I havent had one since eh 2005ish (I only scan by hand as well..)
  13. If I was to spend any money over 100 on a card, it would be a sangoma. I understand that digium changed their chipset a couple of years back, however I have never had any issues with the sangoma cards. Their quality is really well made. a200 I used to have issues with the rhino drivers (at first) and echoes on the digium cards etc but never an issue with an a200 with hec. just my 50 cents //peace
  14. Can anyone access the 770 anac anymore? I get Pat Fleet NIS repeated 2 times, then ring four times then disconnect. Someone else confirmed to be on att, just rings out. I'm not sure what route my calls are taking presently, however I cannot dial 959 numbers. I do get pat fleet on the 770 number but my friend that can dial the 959s, just rings out for them. I forget the specifics with this anac --not sure if its been changed or not. peace
  15. Its good to see you around, again. peace peace! --- Not all phones were created equal