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  1. where is everyone?? i've only seen strom. RETN, you need to find me. ass. if you see me, come up to me and punch me. or something that will hurt me less. either is good. thanks! <# verbal
  2. of course you will be at the *are* the bride after all. he wishes he was that lucky
  3. i think i'm going to be there too and the savant wedding! fortunately, i wont have to goto the honeymoon so i can goto defcon.
  4. i'm about to go catch my flight. hope to see everyone this weekend!
  5. can everyone just stop being retarded for a second? if you're asking these questions, you really should not be scanning anything besides your home network. especially, if you think IOS is "right out of wargames". i am both disappointed and disgusted.
  6. does everyone know what i look like? if you dont know what's going, you can ask me. also, i am trying to meet everyone who's in binrev, so everyone who comes to say hi gets a verbieefunbuck. you get an additional one if you give me a hug. if you're droops and you give me a hug that's 5 verbieefunbucks. i think 1 verbieefunbuck is worth 5 stankdawgnickels, which i think you can redeem for sexual favors. you'll have to work that out with stank. thanks, verbal wow...that place is so NOT quiet during defcon.
  7. what about the idea of getting some binrev tables on the floor and staffing a couple of senior binrev people there at all times so other binrev people can come and ask for help? the only commitment i need is just senior binrev people to volunteer their time to man the tables. i'm thinking like 2 hour shifts? let me know if you would be interested. anyone who thinks they can help is welcomed. it'll be good to have some sort of binrev homebase anyway, for meetups, or whatever. thanks, verbal Yes, it is inside the mall. It probably isn't ice cold, but it is air conditioned. Things are not looking good for getting a room for larger presentations (I will have my laptop that we can huddle around though, so I will do at least one short one even if I have to do it multiple times at different tables so that everyone can see).
  8. grifter hasnt gotten back to me yet, so i dunno. Thanks verbie. Were they all already reserved? What about rooms 106-115, are any of them available?
  9. stank, that's an awesome idea and i think people are interested. i contacted grifter about getting a skybox, but to be honest, it probably wont fly. if we cant get a space to do it, i *think* we can do a less formal one on one thing. what i mean is that we can set up an area where there will be a couple of senior binrev people at all times. if you have a question about something, you can go and ask them. they will help you and anyone else until their session is up. i'm not exactly sure how many people we have, but it may be good to setup a homebase and claim a couple of tables on the floor. i just looked at the who's going thread and about 25 people posted. i dont know how many people are interested in having a binrev geekout and bring their computers. i can be there with my laptop helping people out if they want. also, i have not met half these people and i would definitely like to. it would be good to just say, everyone hang out here for a bit. admittedly, i didnt goto the meetup last year cause i had plans already. lastly, my suggestion is to get everyone today for lunch on saturday and then do whatever we plan on doing. it'll be a good net to catch stragglers. if you say we start at noon and actually start at noon, you're going to get a lot of people walking in 15-30 mins late. i guess let's see what the people want... verbal
  10. to be honest, i havent met any game programmers. i know those graphics guys are pretty serious about their linear algebra, but i dont know anyone in that field. if you would like to comment on something, i'd be glad to post it on my blog. i guess you can just comment on the blog itself. thanks, verbal I second that, It was a good read; I hope you can stay commited as i would like to read more. And oh by the way what about Game Programmers, what is your description for them...if you have met any.
  11. hey man, i trademarked that shit also, i dunno if its just me, but your page takes forever to load. :\ content wise, the site looks good though. verbal
  12. oh. in *my* face. sorry verbal... you must be this tall to ride.... ___ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ----
  13. you better fucking find me before you go. if i find out you went without me, i will end you. <# verbal
  14. i'm trying to start a blog again. i would love for people to read it and give me feedback. the genre for the blog is "why writing software is hard". it will cover a bunch of stuff, but mostly me complaining about bad software. i'm trying to gauge how much technical content to have in there to make it an enjoyable read. thanks, verbal
  15. LogosX is going??? w00t. john from irc is going too btw.