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  1. Ok so i bought this toughbook cf-73 a couple weeks ago. It has been crashing lately, Ive reformatted/reinstalled twice, using two different xp cds. Im using the drivers from https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/pc/itn/dri...u_en.html#CF-73 (they say they are for windows xp pro, sp1, all ive got is sp2. could this be causing a problem?) I have been getting BSODs and errors saying NTFS.sys is missing or corrupt (among other stop messages). today I decided to replace the ntfs.sys on my hdd with the one on the xp CD. no luck, i just came back here to find that it had crashed, heres minidump infoz: Ill post stop messages as i get them... I hope you can be of some help. thanks. heres the stop message i found when i woke up this morning (sorry for shitty picture quality)
  2. Ok so i just got my new toughbook cf-73 from ebay, it came with win2k on it, so today i decided to upgrade it to xp for now, because i figured configuring its touchscreen on linux would be a bitch. So i installed XP, installed drivers for everything, including the "SMK PnP Tablet" which is the toughscreen hardware. Everytime i touch the screen, the cursor jumps up to the top left of the screen and wont go where im touching. I cant find any software for the touchscreen to help me configure it. any ideas?
  3. Oh yeah, well all I had to do was find touchpanel options which was under the control panel, and run the calibration program. I assumed it was a driver issue because I was using the driver that was labeled "sp1", but it turned out I had just overlooked the touchpanel configuration option in control panel.
  4. YOU ALL SUCK I fixed it though, don't worry.
  5. what the fuck are you talking about?

  6. Filtered means that a firewall, filter, or other network obstacle is blocking the port so that Nmap cannot tell whether it is open or closed. you have guessed correctly. Most home computers nowadays are behind routers or firewalls. Unless there are ports allowed through the router by the administrator of the router, you wont be able to see them in the output of your nmap scan.
  7. u has 2 us piggin lulz nubs
  8. err couldnt you just configure your SMTP server to use a different port? my ISP blocks 22, 23, 25, 80, etc. all the common server ports ya know. Im not sure, because I have never hosted an SMTP server, but there must be a configuration file somewhere that you could modify.
  9. And on that note, check out Virginia.gov:25
  10. Having -any- port open is a security concern.. smtp server http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=s...G=Google+Search
  11. You need to have whatever port the SMTP server is running on open. Telnet to it on that port, which is usually 25. telnet 25 like that. Just replace that address with the address of the server.
  12. set up an apache server on your home network, add authorization requirements to a directory,install php, put surrogafier in the private directory, problem solvedddddddd. (phproxy or cgi proxy will work as well, but i prefer surrogafier..)
  13. your mother has been penetrated. OHHHH but yeah, your best bet is using someone elses internetz, like vector said ^. though some might consider that immoral. Oh well, other than that.. tor is your most secure choice.
  14. pay me and ill send you any OS you want.
  15. mmm i got the slash and the dot backwards. yeah that doesnt make sense, that would just cd 1 directory behind you. theres no need for the ./
  16. you guys fucking want it, i told you already http://la.gg search for it. who knows, it could be there..
  17. http://circuitscout.com/search.jsp?query=t...erator&pd=0
  18. Dos

    mehbeh add cmd.exe at the end of it? i dont know i havent used windows in a while.
  19. seriousness* And i wouldnt be surprised if feds trolled binrev forums. I was joking about the feds anyways, if anyone is gonna cause trouble over the facebook code it will be facebook themself. Sorry for posting But if anyone wants it... la.gg + search function
  20. mmm sorry droops. if anyone wants it, i have it. HAI FEDZ I HAS IT OLOL is anyone really gonna give a fuck over a little php code...
  21. it looks like they took it down..? ----edit by droops--- we are actually not trying to host this on our forum.
  22. go buy Wi-Foo. or get an ebook of it, but hardcopy is muchhh better. it a wifi-hacking bible.