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  1. I have an alternative question: What can I do to gain access to the directory? Simply going to the url leads to an Access Denied message. Is there a way to get passed that?
  2. I don't find any traces linking to their icons. What software would your recommend I use to find out the url in their backend? Thats just it, if it is on the backend, then it is just looking at what data is sent which could be just a code or a number or something and looking it up on a database that you cannot see (unless you want to hack their entire server, lol). It is outside of your reach for that very reason. Well someone has figured it out because the icons are found all over but of course they won't reveal that secret to anyone...
  3. I don't find any traces linking to their icons. What software would your recommend I use to find out the url in their backend?
  4. I have a rather simple question for you guys and I'm sure you cana nswer me in a heartbeat... I know Zynga keeps all of it's images in a directory as such: Throughout the XML file, the asset url code can be found for every item in the game with one exception: Promo Icons. By this I mean the symbols next to limited items for themes such as Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. In the XML file, a hint to the location of these icons is found from line 658 (in version 25518): <limitedIcons defaultIcon="none">\ <icon name="limitedIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="halloweenIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="tentIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="snowFlakeIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="caneIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="santaIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="mafiaIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="newYearsIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="cowIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="rabbitIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="peaceIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="limitedClock_mc"/>\ <icon name="alaskaIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="haitiReliefIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="superBowlIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="groundHogIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="valentineIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="chineseIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="maskIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="presidentIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="torchIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="californiaIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="yellowstoneIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="franceIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="shamrockIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="aliceIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="springIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="jesterIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="questionMark_mc"/>\ <icon name="tigerIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="dogTagIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="craftingPastry_mc"/>\ <icon name="craftingPerfume_mc"/>\ <icon name="craftingFuel_mc"/>\ <icon name="craftingWine_mc"/>\ <icon name="earthDay_mc"/>\ <icon name="arborDay_mc"/>\ <icon name="hourglass_mc"/>\ <icon name="cactusIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="gardenIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="sombreroIcon_mc"/>\ <icon name="mothersDay_mc"/>\ </limitedIcons>\ Now my question is this: where are these icons actually stored on Zynga's servers? I can find no references calling the Icon names to any urls. I'm sure this one is quick and easy for you guys, but it baffles me. Thanks for your help in advance!