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  1. There is always at least 1 op there when I pop in. Inpherno or stankdawg.
  2. lol@KamaSutra!
  3. Ummm... StankDawg and decoder were in a jug band?
  4. I don't find any traces linking to their icons. What software would your recommend I use to find out the url in their backend? Thats just it, if it is on the backend, then it is just looking at what data is sent which could be just a code or a number or something and looking it up on a database that you cannot see (unless you want to hack their entire server, lol). It is outside of your reach for that very reason.
  5. Sniff the traffic coming out of your PC while you play. It either has the full URL in the packets *OR* it is hidden on the backend in their code and the server knows where to find them images and not the client. Personally, I would do the latter if I were coding it myself anyway.
  6. No, but I found some interesting shit stumbling around it just now... Very strange site.
  7. will huff and puff and bl0w y0ur h0use down!

  8. Beware of the B1g B4d W0lf...
  9. I knew about the site and lurked frequently back in teh radio show days. I came back and like the new layout and design and it seems to still be pretty active so I finally registered.
  10. self-taught. college educated in general, but pretty much taught myself everything about programming, hacking, and security. To be clear, when I say "self taught" that included a lot of help and research from sites like this.