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  1. I havent seen too many people posting numbers anymore so if you have anything cool, post it here. 1-860-524-8123 SNET time 1-650-930-9000 TELL ME main number 1-416-661-0123 Toronto weather 1-516-922-wine dial a dirty joke. (Jackie Martling) 1-212-966-9999 Teleport's 5ESS Midtown switch 1-212-614-6464 center for constitutional rights 1-212-660-9101 New York Donut 1-612-379-2255 Twin Cities Info Line 1-305-614-0000 busy verifcation by the operator is not allowed on this call 1-631-285-9911 Suffolk County, NY PSAP (911) 1-541-967-0010 some old US WEST recording 1-856-767-9903 [booop] excuse me, please deposit ten cents (broken) 1-206-343-0011 [sit] this call requires a coin deposit *(cool one) lets see what everyone else has!
  2. Here's some numbers from my old files and notebooks. They all should work, at least I hope they do. Try 'em out and have phun. 1-800-225-5779 the US Army's Call Spy hotline 1-800-843-2769 88th regional readiness command 1-800-888-7737 MCI ANAC 1-800-326-8737 Sprint's private network & switch engineering group 1-800-326-0180 Sprint sales office 1-800-326-1991 another random Sprint number 1-800-832-5452 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway 1-800-435-7649 BNSF Railway technologies services help desk 1-785-435-6000 BNSF time & temp 1-907-353-7121 Fort Wainwright, Alaska time & temp 1-402-342-8463 Omaha, Nebraska time & temp (First National Bank) 1-800-906-9069 Nebraska 511 traveler information system 1-800-767-8226 Taco Bell's help line 1-800-437-9606 Japanese 'cannot be completed as dialed' message 1-718-579-4539 non-working number at Yankee Stadium 1-800-420-0040 Patlife ANAC (300667+ani) 1-888-425-1234 Florida Chamber of Commerce 1-888-425-3456 MCI global customer care center 1-800-877-7330 Sprint corporate security 1-888-230-4404 Sprint NOC 1-800-669-1542 Sprint NOC 1-877-451-1980 Sprint corporate security call trace center 1-800-325-0261 AT&T annoyance call bureau 1-800-648-4936 AT&T annoyance call bureau (for law enforcement) 1-888-743-6627 Army opportunities 1-800-255-1111 FAA aviation safety hotline 1-800-839-5276 US Capitol switchboard 1-423-265-9882 University of Tennessee studio line 1-800-280-1445 CIA toll-free mailbox 1-800-424-9098 DOD (Department of Defense) hotline 1-800-424-9100 US Library of Congress (service for the blind) 1-800-364-8917 bi-lingual ANAC (Koeppel VW) 1-800-240-1411 bi-lingual ANAC (Autotach) 1-415-764-0022 San Fran 21 DS1 1-415-338-7000 San Francisco State University touch-tone system 1-408-542-0022 not in service number at Lockheed-Martin 1-800-447-6277 Massachusetts travel & tourism office 1-800-967-7700 Stuttering Foundation of America 1-877-767-6446 Ohio Secretary of State 1-800-234-5678 Trump Taj Mahal 1-800-543-9281 IBM global services & technology aqusition 1-800-555-5545 First National Bank customer service 1-800-647-6397 Verizon newsline 1-800-800-6500 Singtel ICC (Singapore Direct) 1-800-337-4113 RJ Reynolds Tobacco co., Detroit office 1-800-772-1213 Social Security Administration 1-800-222-0302 Disney credit card center 1-800-704-9469 the Quaker Oats company 1-800-952-3131 Church of JC of Latter Day Saints 1-800-346-6245 Pepsi Cola HQ 1-202-965-2900 Watergate hotel 1-916-445-2864 office of Governor Arnold Shwarzenegar (sic) 1-213-974-6624 LA County sheriffs civil case info. line 1-800-621-3035 Tennessee farm Bureau 1-888-878-5301 Qwest internal toll-free support center 1-800-684-2174 Bell South long distance repair 1-800-583-6767 Var-Tec telecom Ok...thats enough random numbers for today. everyone post some of your own...
  3. Indeed. I've never failed with that method, although sometimes it took a bit of time to find. Google's cache of lost pages has helped more than one, incidentally. What's the story with programs claiming to crack rar pw's? Just a scam?
  4. Landline, mobile, voip? Makes a big difference. Try the nationwide pizza chains.
  5. Yeah, I do recall certain 855-250-xxxx tests working, but I'm pretty sure I had seen adverts with 855 #'s for a split second. Probably phonesex companies who tried to secure good 855's that spelled something, but jumped the gun with their ads.
  6. Does anyone recall that some numbers were actually assigned in 855, but then NANPA pulled the plug? Or did i dream that all up?
  7. I'm watching ep 4 right now.. this show is fucking awesome, I love the old tech!
  8. Are there any programs that can translate a PDF to English. Google has a cool feature to do it, but the pdf's I want to translate are too big for Google, as they have graphics and stuff. If there is a way for me to translate just the text, but still keep it in the layout of the whole pdf file, it would save me the time from having to pull the text out, translate it, and then create an entirely new pdf with the new English text in place of the old text.
  9. Have you tried uploading to google docs? Yeah, doesn't work, too big. The pdf has graphics, it's not just text. I was thinking more of a program that would let me keep the text in the original layout, rather than having to do the whole damn thing by hand.
  10. The black and green skin is fucked up for some reason. Bottom left hand corner, change it to IP.Board. Can someone just get rid of the custom skin for now, since it still doesn't work?
  11. Well, this guy did manage to read the rules about intent, which gives him a few points in my book. And referring to those skankazoids as "swamp donkeys" gets him about a billion points, so i say if anyone is gonna delete this thread, at least wait until we're sure he got the info he needed.
  12. Yeah, as soon as I read that this printout has some guys ss# on it, I'm saying internal network.
  13. Um, what? If it doesn't have a domain extension, then it doesn't go anywhere. This printout that you have; Any chance that whoever printed it decided to mask where it came from by just inserting random junk where the domain name should be, but forgot to ad a .com, .org, .gov or whatever? safmugweb01?
  14. The comments on the article from Fast Company are awesome. The original article ended with something to the effect of it being made dung beetles and bindis, but they edited it out, but there is much funnier stuff in there. It's ultimately stupid, though because they start quoting prices on components as if the manufacturer was only buying one piece. Look at it like this, if the total cost (to manufacture and distribute) is $34 and they sell one to everyone in India... How many people are there in India, like 50 trillion? That's bank! And if the Tato is going to cost $2500 in India, but $8,000 (I've read up to $18,000) in the US, then I can very easily see a tablet being sold in India for $35. As for the $10 laptop, this is it. They decided to go tablet instead, and now they're saying $35. Edit: Wait, sorry, from Wikipedia:
  15. If he expected to be a hero in the hacker community, then he's more of a nut than I thought. He's probably a big hero in the Total Fucking Asshole community.
  16. Even if they might seem accurate, whenever I see categorizations like that I'm reminded of those web pages that explain your personality type based on what beer you drink. Just because you see me drinking some Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA doesn't mean I won't be drinking Coors Light tomorrow.
  17. I read about this a few days ago. Funny how none of them noticed that "ROBIN SAGE" is the name of a Guerrilla Warfare exercise. In 2002, one of those shit-for-brains got themselves killed by a local Sheriff's Deputy. Anyway, this kind of SE trick will always work. Forever. Just like everything else, the internet just makes it a billion times easier; No need for an actual hot girl who knows what she's talking about.
  18. That book also mentions "Port 7 Alliance." Um, what? Me thinks that book is written by a computer program. (See, Philip M. Parker and, my personal favorite, Maximillien de Lafayette.) Edit: Oops, I didn't notice that zandi already alluded to that theory. Check out those two "authors" anyway, it's interesting stuff. =)
  19. LOL @ TRON. Anyway, if we were funded by tax dollars we could probably come up with a profile of these law enforcement guys that would make half of them commit suicide - or, if my profile is accurate, familicide.
  20. Check out this tweet from Lamo. Has anyone even seen him there? Hope he's having fun. But even better is something from a couple of weeks ago, which I must have missed. Lamo challenged Assange to come to HOPE even though it was common knowledge at the time that DHS wanted Assange. The best part is that Lamo scoffed at the idea that Assange was in any danger. And we're pretending that Lamo is merely a single-incident informant?
  21. So a couple government agents paid $200 of the taxpayer's money to stand around a roach hotel gawking at a bunch of computer nerds. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time. I wonder if Assange is going to cancel his talk, or just 'phone it in' to a packed room. Do they still play 'Spot the Fed' at HOPE? Assange did not show.. as expected, but he did not do a talk via video feed either, as i had hoped for... instead someone else spoke on behalf of wikileaks, and addressed the lamo/manning issues.... the guy who spoke for wiki leaks wore a shirt that said "stop snitching" The Wikileaks representatives sure looked like some tough characters...
  22. How are we both always on this fucking place at the same time?! I wasn't going to even show up at HOPE either, but I got a call so I suppose I'll show my face for a minute. I'm too close, so I have no good excuse. I'll say hi to those DHS guys who wasted their good money to attend.
  23. Oh, no question, it seems plausible to me too, in and of itself. But I strongly believe that a handful of related events - most importantly the plan to discredit Wikileaks - also should be considered as relevant to the story. This end result of the Lamo/Manning situation is precisely what the military wanted, and I have a really hard time believing that it's all just dumb luck. That's where it starts to sound implausible. This, I have a problem with. Army counterintelligence draws up a report on Wikileaks, and the wet dream of this report is the successful identification and prosecution of one of their sources. Then, the intel guys sit around twiddling their thumbs while a whistleblower gets on AIM with a stranger, and spills his guts about the single most important thing to ever appear on Wikileaks. But not just any stranger, mind you. Adrian Lamo. Fresh out of the loony bin under very strange circumstances; a guy who managed not not spend a day in jail on some pretty serious charges, and a guy who loves to see his name in lights. That's plausible? What evidence? Chat logs? And what did I make up? (Besides theorizing the reality of Manning's very existence; I might have to back off on that one, even though I wasn't terribly serious about it to begin with.) Even though I don't think I mentioned anything about the reliability of the media, we have to bear in mind that "the media" in this case means Lamo & Poulson. And edited chat logs. Man, I thought we went over this. If you threatened to kill him, and he wound up dead, you'd be a pretty good suspect. And this beautiful furniture of his, which you acquired after his demise would be used as the motive. It doesn't prove you killed him, but you can tell it to the judge, buddy! And you can talk about "conspiracy theories" all you want, but in this case, it isn't merely a case of those that benefited from a tragedy which makes it look like they engineered it; it's those who also planned a good way for the tragedy to transpire. And then it did. Incidentally, it wasn't conspiracy theorists who invented that shit. It was Cicero. Cui Bono? Wait, just looked it up, it wasn't Cicero. He was quoting someone else. Et tu, Lucius Cassius? You fucking conspiracy theorist! For one thing, it isn't very elaborate if what I'm supposing happens to be the truth. Some guy gets on AIM and pretends to be someone else. Fairly simple. But, indeed, what if Lamo just kept the whole thing to himself? Two for the price of one, that's what. Adrain Lamo: Accessory to the Crime. I don't think that would actually work. Wikileaks has no idea - or they should have no idea - as to the identities of the whistleblowers. You also have to bear in mind that we here are a little more savvy regarding how this tech stuff works. The plan was to make it appear that Wikileaks wasn't a safe place to leak stuff to. Someone being outed and prosecuted, whatever the circumstances, still makes Wikileaks look like a risk to the average Joe (whistle)Blow(er). I'm going to state this again just to make it clear: My theorizing isn't an attempt to prove something. It's just my best guess. So, if I had to guess, I would say that the military already had their eye on Bradley Manning as the source of Collateral Murder, and they needed a way to go about it. Fake Bradley Manning gets on AIM with Lamo, who seemed like a good choice as an informant. I have personal knowledge of this tactic being used by investigators in the past. It's a good one, and it works. On the other hand, if i had to bet - like with money - I would wager that we are both wrong. The problem is that no bookie would give me good odds on that one.
  24. How about Julian Assange? Did he Skype in his presentation? I read in the news that the DHS were there looking for him yesterday. I think he's actually scheduled to speak tonight (Saturday). It's tempting, I haven't been to Chicago in like 10 years. But a kindly offer. Funny, because I was going to extend the same offer towards you if you happened to be in NY for HOPE this weekend, but then I remembered the other thread about the Hotel Penn. and assumed that you weren't attending. And that's why I didn't think it applied to this. I consider the counterintelligence plan against Wikileaks to be a huge piece of evidence, upon which some of my assumptions are based. But it's all assumptions at the end of the day. Is the person typing this the same person posting as "decoder" yesterday? That's a necessary assumption which we all make. But, back to the dirty business....
  25. I never really believed in psychic abilities until I noticed that every time I see one of your posts and attempt to respond, you edit out the fun parts. We must be on the same fucked up schedule or something. Don't get so upset about it, man. I don't think you're a disinfo agent, but I do suppose that you don't know what Occam's razor is. I also think that you aren't really reading my posts, though. I'm not trying to prove anything. My position is very simple; I do not automatically believe the military, for reasons I have already stated. Their deception may be a matter of course, but my distrust is certainly not. I don't automatically think they are always lying, either. There are actually a few things in your post (if they're still there) that I wanted to respond to, but I don't have it in me now. Maybe later. But, seriously, don't make it so personal. A few cameramen and a couple of children in Iraq were shot to death from a fucking military helicopter that they didn't even see, and some poor, confused kid is probably going to be locked up for a very, very long time. Let's try to keep things here as light-hearted as possible and stick to what's important; like talking shit about Adrian Lamo and Kevin Poulson.