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  1. Is there an RSS feed for the new Binrev eps? I used to listen to the show before, but I've been out of the community for a good while now and only just realised the show's back...Not listened to it yet, but if it's anything like as good as before it'll end up on my feed...
  2. It does have the advantage that you can easily enough create your own provider with your own authentication means and - as long as it follows the spec - it will just work. That means that your OpenID could authenticate against your own server and part of the authentication checks are that you are using the correct browser from the correct IP address, or something along those lines. I'd like to see some cracker get into your account then...
  3. You don't like the browser? I actually love it. I love it shows you a page overview when you start scrolling with the little red box. What do you not like about it? It's slow, and it doesn't wrap pages at all. Every time I look at any page that is wider than the screen - which is just about every page out there - I have to scroll left and right all the time to read it. Going through the options I can't see any way of stopping that either...
  4. I've got one too - for about a week now. It is a great phone, but unfortunatly not perfect... * It doesn't support OGG media files - but there's a free program you can get that plays those for you (Oggplay) * The web browser that comes with it sucks bigtime, but again I've just downloaded Opera mini so that's fixed * The GPS I've not managed to get working yet. Admittadly I've not really tried either. Other than those, I've not got any complaints at all yet...
  5. If I get what you're after right, the main difference is that text messages are limited to a very small amount of plain text (Not strictly true, but most people can't send binary messages from their phones). A single SMS message is limited to 140 bytes of "payload" - which if it's a plain text message is 160 characters of 7-bit ASCII. An email is not (as) restricted by size, and is not limited to the type of content that can be sent. You could quite happilly send a 5MB binary attachment with your email and it would work fine. You can also send under 140 bytes of 7-bit ascii if you wanted, and that would also work fine. Also, text messages are *not* real-time. They tend to turn out that way, but that is not guaranteed. I'm not 100% on this, but I don't think that they are not even guaranteed to be successfully delivered. The fact that everybody uses them as if it was an IM service doesn't make it so.
  6. Freecap One problem here is that without a lot of messing around, the Microsoft RDP client refuses to connect to localhost - it's kind of sensible since why would you want a remote desktop on your local machine... From memory, you need to copy MSTSC.EXE and MSTSC.DLL into a different directory, and then run MSTSC.EXE under compatibility mode for a Win9x machine or something stupid like that. I don't remember exactly, but I do know it's possible since I've had to use it over SSH tunnels in the past.
  7. When I worked in the ringtone business, I used to deliberatly have the most irritating tone that I could find. The ones I remember were Tetris and The Muppets. Now, my current phone has just a standard telephone ringing sound that I use, and definatly prefer over any of the crappy musical tones...
  8. I don't know how you'd go about it, but it is possible to read the current CPU usage in code on windows - there's a number of programs out there that do exactly that and show it to you as graphs or whatever. You could quite easily write a program that reads this once a second (or whatever) and reacts to it. The difficulty is in finding out how to read the CPU usage - I've done a (very quick) google and not come up with anything too useful...
  9. I'm curious how that will work, as the XDA runs full-blown WM5, not the stripped down "SmartPhone" version. Let me know how it goes. Just tried it now, and it works perfectly. Had a bit of trouble at first, but that's because you hard-coded the paths for the sounds. Moving it to the correct path and they play just fine Only problem is it's not actually all that much use to me...
  10. Just downloaded and tested it on my WM5 phone (XDA Exec if you care) and it loads but bombs out complaining that I need a newer version of the .NET framework. I'll have a look tonight and see if I can upgrade that and try it again - don't fancy downloading .NET on my phones data charges when I can use my PC for it...
  11. I've (very successfully) run debian on a computer that was nearly as old as that one - was a 486 66 DX2 with an external CD drive, but more RAM I think - maybe 16MB. All that machine did was act as a router between my flats network and the internet, over a 56Kbps modem. It really shouldn't have ever worked, but it did - and it worked amazingly well all things considered. We managed to get 4 people playing UO over that connection at the same time somehow... It never had X, or anything like that installed on it. It was literally a barebones machine that had the base system, ipchains and ppp running, and later on I put bind and exim on there as well for people to use instead of having to go out to the internet for dns and smtp. It was perfectly usable as a machine as long as you didn't mind using the console though... Also, I've recently put DSL-N onto another old laptop - Pentium 166 with 32MB of Ram - and whilst it isn't the fastest thing in the world that also works fine. That's running X with Fluxbox, but I only use it for XPdf on the sofa
  12. If the server is SSI enabled then it's possible to do it, using the following: var ip = '<!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR"-->'; alert("Your IP address is "+ip); However, this is a very bad way of securing the page, since what do you plan on doing when they look at the page from a different computer? It will then be very obvious to them that you are deliberatly hiding the page from them, and make them more likely to believe you have "bad stuff" to hide.
  13. This is already happening. It's already possible to buy computer motherboards that have TC chips on them, and it probably won't be too long before all of them have the chips in and you can only run Microsoft Windows Vista with TCPA support, or your computer won't work . Of course, that doesn't stop you using your old computer to do what you currently do, but imagine if they take it the next step and make it so that WoW, or even your ISPs email server don't respond to you unless you are on a TCPA computer... After all, you can stop people cheating on WoW if they have to run on a TCPA computer and the TCPA software doesn't let you run the cheat programs. I was reading up on it yesterday actually, whilst bored at work, and there's some scary information about it all out there. This is one of the more interesting reads. In specific, Section 24 and 25 sums it all up in my mind rather well.
  14. the point of posting the list was because apparantly some of the servers aren't resolving. However, I've not noticed any trouble from here so I don't know if it's just the US servers or something that have issues...
  15. Only obvious reason that comes to mind is to force people to use IE so that you can exploit one of the bugs in it to infect their PC. Yes, it is possible and even quite easy. However, it's also quite easy to get around as well if the user knows what their doing. The server can tell what browser it is by looking at the User-Agent header field. Each browser should have a unique value in here that can be used to determine the name and version of the browser. However, Opera definatly can, and I believe that Firefox can replace this string with a custom one so you could use Opera and pretend it's IE, and the webserver wouldn't know any better...