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  1. Hi everyone, I have just ordered the above cable in hopes that I can recover data from my motorola razr. I have already tried replacing the battery to no avail. When plugged in, it shows a battery with a red line through it, as if to say there is no battery detected. Can anyone tell me if this cable will allow me to boot up the phone and allow me to recover some files that I have saved on it? Thanks for any insight
  2. Thats actually not bad advice. Im going to try the factory cable first. The documents are pretty important. If the factory cable doesnt work, ill try cleaning it with iso and distilled water as you suggest. If that still doesnt work I think my last hope is professional data recovery services (not cool)
  3. Im my friend bought it from some tech shop in Vancouver BC... it does appear to be legit; motorola logo/branded, same model numbers etc.. the thing is , the phone was dropped in the tub and totally submerged in water. It was then put in rice for a few days but then would not turn on, and when we try to charge it, it gives us the "no battery" symbol.. and no change after we replace the battery. so yeah, ive ordered the factory cable in hopes to power the device so i can get my documents.. im just hoping I will be able to do that... if not, do you have any other suggestions?
  4. does not ship to canada
  5. In this video they point out that some 'digital copiers' have hard drives that make images of each fax sent and document that has been copied. Its an intersting video but I think they're using some scare tactics. Im interested in finding out what model printers have drives in them. Im also curious as to what file system the printers use to store data. Can anyone shead some light on ths subject?
  6. ^ samples, source code and live viruses here. proceed at your own risk
  7. Why not try this... get one of those new fancy ipods from a pawn shop or whatever. I've tested them out with voip programs before (like magic jack) and they work just fine as telephones Create a sock puppet apple ID account with tor or a proxy so you can download apps from apples app store Download textplus from the app store textplus will give you a number that others can text (for free) or call (you gotta pay for that part) so buy a visa gift card (or have some one else buy it for you if you're super paranoid), load textplus up with phone minutes and that should work. The weak point in this is you'll need to connect to a wifi network to make/recieve calls. This could potentially give away your location - but if some one is just calling your text+ number I think it would be pretty difficult to get your IP from that. I could be wrong tho..
  8. Worth a read. Shows that the FBI had the technology in 1955 to tap a phone even when it was on the hook using ultrasonic frequencies. talk about old school
  10. pretty interesting reading.....
  11. there's always konboot too....
  12. Very interesting shit! and all sorts of other interesting shizz!!
  13. Foreword This Technical Specification (TS) has been produced by ETSI 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The present document may refer to technical specifications or reports using their 3GPP identities, UMTS identities or GSM identities. These should be interpreted as being references to the corresponding ETSI deliverables. The cross reference between GSM, UMTS, 3GPP and ETSI identities can be found under good bathroom reading ETSI-TS-143-033-v11.pdf
  14. Just wanted to say, it looks good
  15. Submerged: The lobby of Verizon's Corporate headquarters in Manhattan. The headquarter houses executive offices as well as some of the company's key telecom equipment that supports services to New York's financial district Read more:
  16. In Binrev I found a community that i can ask the most obscure questions and often get an answer. Thanks guyz! Dont 404 any time soon
  17. Wait, what? Its a weird alternate reality RPG?
  18. Dont know if this is an option, but you might want to buy a totally different mouse. Logitech/microsoft and other companies who make mice sometimes have their own drivers that you can tweek more than the standard windows drivers for PnP mice
  19. I was also wondering what the heck this was all about. Have you tried using DTMF to trigger stuff when you call?
  20. Hi Everyone. This piece of paper was found in a friend mines new apartment. It was left there by the previous tennet who lived there. Some of these fields are self explanatory. AssetID is most likely a way to identify the device within the organization. Call Sign is fairly obvious. It most likely has something to do with radio? ORI - not too sure what this is. The last four digits of the phone numbers have been removed for privacy of whomever this document belongs to. The same goes for the ESN. Sorry for the poor formatting. So im really just trying to figure out what the hell this document is. If i had to guess id say it a table of all cellular modems or something similar. Can anyone give me any insight?
  21. wikipedia now has a page! ***EDIT*** I am a dumbass. This has already been posted here. Im going to leave it anyways...
  22. its possible, but too much work unless you're doing it just to do it. check out thats where I get my screens from
  23. Can some one tell me what this is?