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  1. I have a lot of people that come in now that when they look at the cellphones, I talk to them about voip and the provider that we carry (vonage). Everyone I tell about it are excited about it and i've had a few people who get it to. I make sure to let them know about the good and the bad things. Most people say that if the power does go out, they have their cellphones to use. I'm getting vonage when I get broadband in my neighborhood. Best Buy employee's get 5 dollars off the monthly fee.
  2. I agree with Evolve. The show is different in the way the content is brought across. I think people are so use to Stank doing it that the change of pace has thrown people a little bit. I enjoy the show very much still but I think it will take some time for me to adjust. Looking forward to what is to come in the near future. Keep up the great work guys.
  3. I will start working at best buy next week. I will find out if you really need an ID to get the phone. If so, I will see what kind of ID's are allowed. I will post this info as soon as i get it.
  4. Well I figured a lot of people on here don't get certain magazines and I thought I would share some info that I came across. Sorry this annoys you.
  5. That's a lot of money. I wonder where it all went? Anyway's, I agree with you natas in that dying in jail would suck. I guess he thought he would get away with it. Now he will be Bubba's cellmate. Unless they have a section in prison where they have all the white collar criminals.
  6. Well i'm saving money to go to phreaknic 9 this year. It will be my first con ever. I'm definitely going to HOPE and Defcon next year.
  7. I don't even have to say anything. Just read the article.,390...39150241,00.htm
  8.,1895,1835281,00.asp They are trying to pass a bill to toughen the laws on encrypting personal sensitive data in companies. I think they should have done this a long time ago. If companies weren't so stupid, they wouldn't have a need for the government to step in. The article was a good read till near the end. It seems they are still blaming hackers for all of this too as well as still grouping us with thieves.
  9. never mind Strom already talked about it in another post. sorry
  10. it's just funny to find something like that while wardriving on a major highway going towards the beach.
  11. Best of luck to you and hope you come back soon. We will still be here when you want to return.
  12. Well if all goes well with a job i'm trying to get, I am going to go. I never went to any con's before so please be gentle. lol. Anyways, when I find out about the job, I will entertain the fact of letting 3 people room with me.
  13. It was actually a Cavalier Telephone rep that told me. Sorry I didn't know that I posted it as Verizon CS. She was very helpful. I tried getting more info out of her but she didn't know of any test numbers or any other cool numbers. She could have been playing dumb though. I got her info so I can all her anytime when she is at work. I simply asked her for her extension number and days/hours that she works. I can't believe she told me. Also, I was told that the 311 should work in some of the other states as well. She gave me 211 and 811 as numbers for ANAC's as well. They don't work here in DE though.
  14. If you dial 311 in Delaware, it reads your number back. I was told this by Cavalier Telephone customer service rep. I tried it out and it does work.
  15. Damn. Oh well. I did go to an Air Force base today and got a couple of payphone numbers there. I will post them on yapl.