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  1. hi i was wondering if u could tell me how to get the farmville game settings i have fiddler2 and firrbug

  2. Wouldn't that mean that if you exited the game the fuel you bought would disappear? The fuel stats are sent to the client from the server during initialization. And every time you buy fuel from the market that transaction lets the server know you bought more. I think that every time you plow/seed/harvest with a machine the server will know whether to deduct fuel just to maintain it's own count. I need to track this down and try it, but I just don't have time right now. I'm not sure about using cheat engine, but I've been changing the "energyCost" to "0" in gameSettings.xml and it will let me use equipment all day long.
  3. Have you had success with redirecting to your own gameSettings.xml? I've been doing this with a program called Fiddler. My blog post: http://darrenmccall.com/blog/?p=888 Youtube video showing some gameSettings.xml changes: