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  1. What blacklist are you talking about?
  2. Why would anyone help this guy? How is that at all okay, "My friend spends his time on his computer I don't like this, how can I stop it." pff I have two words for you: fuck off. Get a new room mate or kill yourself.
  3. Yep I get pwnd, they where a scam. Service still works, but I found out they ended up charging me over what they said they where. And also I can't cancel the service. So I had to call my bank and sadly report I got pwnt in the face.
  4. Thanks so much guys, that answered my question fully! Cheers. /me runs to go code
  5. Hey everyone, so I am making a C++ program that will need a menu. It's just going to be a terminal application so I can use ASCII. Ive looked into curses and ncurses, but that's a bit much. I just want to learn how people use ASCII characters to make such cool menus. Are they just using cout << "~~~~~~~~"; or are they actually using something to make these menus? If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!
  6. This all depends though,I personally would feel safer with a company based in Switzerland to see my traffic then my local ISP/FBI =p
  7. They charged me for what i was told they were going to charge. Service works great, and it works on my iphone =p
  8. Check out the SAM files in the repair folder in I think /windows/system32/repair. From there use google.
  9. IS a SCAM.
  10. I highly doubt there will be a noticeable difference. If you are looking for dramatic speed increases you should just upgrade your hardware. Also keep in mind cooling is a MUST, make sure if you do over-clock your worthless CPU it's cooled well.
  11. You need to provide your username AND password AND PIN number from the device. Not just the PIN number. It is just a rebranded Verisign Secure ID thing. Verisign has EXCELLENT documentation on how this thing works. Even how the generation of the PIN number is done. I said you ALSO have to type in the PIN =p Do you have links to any of these documents?
  12. So ive been waiting for this for awhile now, paypal's new PIN system. You pretty much pay 5$ USD and they ship you a nice pretty number generator by verisign. So now instead of just typing in your user name and password you now also have to type in a 6 digit number that is generated by your little LCD screen you got for five dollars. Now my question is, what are the attack vectors here? I can't see many since the number is changing every 30 seconds or so. The only thing I could see is somehow solve the algorithm that's producing the 6 "random" numbers. Any ideas? btw, I purchased one today so ill prob have it by the end of the week, ill post pics when I get them! Cheers. LINKS: (demo)
  13. Ive had one since they came out, running 1.0.1. I liked the iphone, but once the 'installer' came out I love it now. It's now just as good as my blackberry if not better.
  14. I looked at all the security updates that patch was for and there wasn't much that worried me.