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  1. I was googling to find info about the radio talkshows that Kevin Mitnick was supposed to do for some US radio station when I came across The Binary Revolution - Zine, Radio, TVshow. I was right away caught by the ideea of listening a 1337 hacking radio station ALL DAY EVERY DAY. What a opportunity this is. A dream came true. Now I could absorb hacking/phreaking/security info with both my ears and eyes. I tuned to the radio station Live Streaming instantly. After 5 hours of inconsistent, imbecil shit banging my brain thru the same one voice of the StankDawg - The Binary Revolution Main Man - I thought WOW! STOP! This is a drama monologue or what? What kind of hacking info is that of softDrinks? Tune in Binary Revolution - to find out. --edited by droops, fixed the link--