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  1. DATU-RT Direct Access Test Unit Remote Terminal, Model 24820-003 Sensaphone 1100 (http://www.sensaphone.com/sensaphone-1100.html) Ericsson AXE Wireless Central Office Switch
  2. That is incorrect. Doing a : echo this is a test >> text.txt or echo "this is a test" >> text.txt will both append (or create if not present) "this is a test" to "text.txt". ← Hmm, odd. I tried without quotes on two different boxes, one was Gentoo, and it didn't work. It still only works with quotes.
  3. Thanks, but like I said, the methods I listed didn't work. Nor do they work at all, you need quotations to have it append. For example: echo whatever 123 >> test.txt will overwrite the entire test.txt file, but echo "whatever 123" >> test.txt wil append.
  4. I'm trying to append text to a text file, but the following commands are not appending to the text, they're overwriting the file instead: echo hello > test.txt echo hello >> test.txt I need to be able to append one letter at a time to a file without spaces or line breaks. Thanks.
  5. STROMBERG-CARLSON PORTABLE TEST SET NO. 6-C Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Ringer Box + Box/Mouthpiece telephone insulator glass ITT Kellogg Messenger March 1959 magazine COCK OF THE ROCK BIRD PHONE CARD paper + phone + monitor + hat + floppy disk + airplane = nynex Kellogg ITT Rotary Dial Telephone this one is for all the ny pigs
  6. who cares?
  7. It has nothing to do with being elistist. Take your tranquilizers, you hearts about to burst. You're right, it is pretty much an accept anyone, accept anything board. Therefore, it's to be expected that there will be arguements. If you don't like it, leave.
  8. I wasn't going to say it, but you prompted me... Darkfairytale is a fucking asshole script kiddie, and always had been. Both him and peanutter. Dark, why don't you go wipe out every dialup ISP in the USA with your modem, and get yourself on CNN. After that, pretend that you didn't drop peoples dox everywhere, and that you're so gooddan leet findind exploits and shit that don't exist, and can't exist. Put your money where your mouth is bitch, or get the fuck out.
  9. Maybe being rational is just something that comes along with doing guys up the ass. ← I figured you for a bottom.
  10. it's all about whitepages.com. They have some of the most wacked out listings ever... Blue box studios pwns your phwn.
  11. Asterisk - We meant to do that™ ::snort snort::
  12. it is kinda lame to do that, but you have to admit that would be fucking funny as hell... It's mischievous without being destructive... go for it. Set it at a decent time though, not something that will actually wake most people up.
  13. I was trying to find that song for a long time, forgot who did it.
  14. Phiber, release the X-wings!
  15. I like it :voteyes: