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  1. Soon to be released, my terminal-emulator called "Hack The Planet TERM". It's coming real close to becoming beta and I'll release it in the next Uber Leet Hacker Force RADIO show. This is what I'm in need of before the release however... erra well let me first show you a video: This video was shot some while ago. While I don't have access to a camera now I can at least show you a screen-shot of what it currently looks like: The thing is my current ANSI-logo looks like shit: I'm not very good at ANSI-graphics. I'm totally way better at ascii. So!! If you fancy yourself as a keen ANSI artist and want to supply me with an 80x20 ANSI graphic to use as a logo that would be awesome!!!
  2. Anyone know where a junkie can get a copy of solaris 8? Touring sun's site every reference I find of 8 steers me to downloading 10, I guess because they don't support 8 anymore.
  3. The audio I recorded is here: hpr_rth2.mp3
  4. wise owl, gotcha. I'm heading there now. I'm kinda early but that'll give me time to charge some things.
  5. In case you didn't get me counted, count me in! I can't wait. I've been telling people about it so maybe we'll also get some more from it. Yeah!!
  6. hey crypto- I'm going to talk about this with some hack-factory people. What's your email address so that they may email you if they're interested.
  7. Anyone know if I can get a number that forwards to another phone that's free without going through forwarding-to-number verification like google-voice does?
  8. I get this (attached). I'm calling over voipbuster and am unsure of what exit pstn # I'm calling with This is the number it dtmf's out: 166#43#7112569#1200 whaa.mp3
  9. What the fuck do you think this is about? 1-800-462-3339
  10. acutal bbs with a dail-in. What's the number? Think I'll call myself
  11. ps. I just friended you on youtube
  12. Yeah Lattera!!! Whooo!!! It's kinda like a binrev birthday thread in a way.
  13. Anyone have any luck capturing live ustream for the flash-impaired? A quick tour of the page's source and no video urls pop out at me.
  14. using /dev/crypto doesn't strike me as the fastest model for encryption. Simply because I my intuition would suggest that context switching, e.i. changing your memory maps and flushing your cache to enter kernel-space would be too much overhead. Even, I would presume, if a hardware crypto device were behind /dev/crypto. What is everyone's opinions on this? Should crypto be in userspace where it doesn't necessarily cause expensive context switches or should is it best to use /dev/crypto? Perhaps there could be a hybrid approach where your crypto framework uses user-space crypto until you reach some threshold where it then starts using /dev/crypto.
  15. Does anyone know why vi and other such programs would ignore $TERMCAP? Basically I've set $TERM to pcansi because it's the closest thing to my terminal, however the /etc/termcap entry for pcansi does not have definitions for page-up/down. I searched through /etc/termcap and didn't find an entry that I liked. When running screen it complains if $TERM is not in the /etc/termcap database. So.. I set $TERM to pcansi to get screen from complaining then I add definitions to $TERMCAP for page-up/downs. The thing is that it seems most programs ignore your $TERMCAP if $TERM is a valid entry. Any ideas on how I get screen not to complain about invalid $TERMs and have programs read my $TERMCAP at the same time? This is really bothering me Modifying anything on my computer isn't an option, unfortunately. For example I'm not going to add a screen.TERM entry or modify /etc/termcap.
  16. ummm.. would it be possible for YOU to attack this instead. I'm too busy checking out the lol-cats.
  17. Whooo!!! Yeah!!!! yeah I could participate if you want- not as a regular or anything but I could provide content for a few shows
  18. oh man, check out those phones. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
  19. yeah hjkl is pretty wicked mate. That always works. I probably should of updated my post- I figured it out. I mis-typed my $TERMCAP variable and it just refused to use it as a result
  20. There seems to be a new trend to virtualize processes to enforce a sort of privilege separation under a single user account. Virualalization for this purpose strikes me as far too much work and a hack to get around the short-comings of the operating system. How much separation between processes do you feel we need? Do you think the traditional model of the user can do whatever is under the hood of the user account is a viable one? Just how should we separate processes under the user-account?
  21. Not sure about the meeting mate, unfortunately I wont be there Keep us informed about the tour in this thread- some hack-factory people are interested.
  22. lame
  23. yeh 23rd is fine . when is the next meeting going to be? alright, crypto. What time is good for you and where would be a good meeting place?
  24. huh, that's way cool. Any ideas on how their getting your subnetwork's traffic?