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  1. The audio I recorded is here: hpr_rth2.mp3
  2. wise owl, gotcha. I'm heading there now. I'm kinda early but that'll give me time to charge some things.
  3. In case you didn't get me counted, count me in! I can't wait. I've been telling people about it so maybe we'll also get some more from it. Yeah!!
  4. hey crypto- I'm going to talk about this with some hack-factory people. What's your email address so that they may email you if they're interested.
  5. Anyone know if I can get a number that forwards to another phone that's free without going through forwarding-to-number verification like google-voice does?
  6. I get this (attached). I'm calling over voipbuster and am unsure of what exit pstn # I'm calling with This is the number it dtmf's out: 166#43#7112569#1200 whaa.mp3
  7. What the fuck do you think this is about? 1-800-462-3339
  8. acutal bbs with a dail-in. What's the number? Think I'll call myself
  9. Soon to be released, my terminal-emulator called "Hack The Planet TERM". It's coming real close to becoming beta and I'll release it in the next Uber Leet Hacker Force RADIO show. This is what I'm in need of before the release however... erra well let me first show you a video: This video was shot some while ago. While I don't have access to a camera now I can at least show you a screen-shot of what it currently looks like: The thing is my current ANSI-logo looks like shit: I'm not very good at ANSI-graphics. I'm totally way better at ascii. So!! If you fancy yourself as a keen ANSI artist and want to supply me with an 80x20 ANSI graphic to use as a logo that would be awesome!!!
  10. ps. I just friended you on youtube
  11. Yeah Lattera!!! Whooo!!! It's kinda like a binrev birthday thread in a way.
  12. Anyone have any luck capturing live ustream for the flash-impaired? A quick tour of the page's source and no video urls pop out at me.
  13. ummm.. would it be possible for YOU to attack this instead. I'm too busy checking out the lol-cats.
  14. Whooo!!! Yeah!!!! yeah I could participate if you want- not as a regular or anything but I could provide content for a few shows