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  1. I'm sorry if I'm resurrecting an old thread here. Anyone made any headway towards developing the Millennium Manager software? I recently purchased a Millennium Phone and would like to get it working.
  2. It's been a while but I thought I'd say "hello". I've been off the grid dealing with life stuff. Though it has been a while, I still have a fascination for phones. Here's a couple of pics from my apartment. 1.) "Bell System Installer" Circa, 1941. I found one of those butler Halloween guys at a yard sale, and turned him into the best way that I could display the older test set, safety belt and hard hat. He's hanging out in my dining room and makes people take a second look. 2.) A small part of my phone collection. I mostly have Bell System stuff, but there is some GTE stuff that I've come across over the years. Take care and hopefully I can contribute to this forum more often.
  3. Comrex ISDN Nexus test phone number: 978-772-9404.
  4. I will miss this switch. Great recordings!
  5. I get a CBCAD Magic Jack. Tone + please enter your pin on AT&T.
  6. After a few months of downtime Ohio Phreaks is back. ic0n and I will definitely have more content on the site in the months to come. Any Ohio Phreaks that want to add content please pm myself or ic0n. http://www.phreakohio.com Peace. EDIT: GoDaddy pulled the plug on my last domain for some bull shit reason. Had to change the address. You can also use http://www.ohio.phreaksandgeeks.com
  7. I'll give you a number that you can call until you are blue in the face. It's the number for a d-bag that I know.
  8. What is the range of the personal model?
  9. I'd really like to know as well. Send me a PM if you would like to discuss.
  10. I have not been very active in these forums, so I may be covering something old. I found a bluebox gadget. for the Vista Sidebar. Thought someone might find it useful.
  11. Here's the deal...... I was recently inspired by episode 41.1 of Default Radio and would like to share some thoughts. This scene needs a breath of life and that can only happen from all of us being on fire for the cause. This would include participation in forums, scanning, and getting together on bridges amongst other things. I feel more than ever that it's important to participate in order to discover new things and apply new ideas to the world of telecommunications. I plan to devote what ever time, money, and effort that I can to help keep phreaking at it's full potential. It's a new year and to quote Doug form Default 41.1, "It's a year of telecom, a year of phreaking, a year of Default." Sorry to sound preachy but I feel if it is our time to really get the ball rolling in this scene. Anyone else feel this way? Shouts to Doug, lucky225, Royal, RijilV, and faceman for rehabbing Default Radio. Keep up the good work! t3st.s3t
  12. I've thought about using them. It would be nice to be able to consolidate my DID with outgoing.
  13. I'm kind of surprised by her age. Pretty young to be the head of business analysis.
  14. I've had the same IP address with Time Warner Cable for 18 months now. I've upgraded service, changed modems twice, had a couple of day long outages, and still I have the same IP address. I can't complain. Though I have the money to pay for hosting I still just run a web server at home. No blocked services in my area. Back to BrakeDanceJ's question.....I'd like to see a competitive international calling plan. If your in Chicago there will be plenty of people calling home to Central and South America.
  15. I'd never pay to use this service. Not worth $30/year.
  16. Now that's what I call talent!
  17. http://www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php
  18. Yes, if the bank received the money from the Federal Reserve Bank then there will be a record of serial numbers for money that was delivered to the bank. Banks may also choose to record the serial numbers of cash that is placed into ATMs. The small freestanding independent units many not do this.
  19. http://noknok.tv/ Not a bad Nokia site.
  20. Did you receive a summons? Your story makes no sense. I imagine that pressing charges would be more appropriate for this situation.
  21. Data Mining The sources for the information are endless.
  22. First of all, make sure that no one has physical access to the hardware except for authorized personnel and make sure that access is controlled by a locked door. Second, make sure that read the installation instructions and change ALL default passwords. Third, keep the software up to date. Finally, educate everyone who works at your office about the importance of voicemail passwords. If someone keeps a master list of voicemail passwords at the office make sure that the list remains under lock and key. I can't answer that because I don't know very much about this system. It may require you to do some penetration testing and discovery techniques to discover vulnerabilities. Good luck.
  23. Are you going to do it live?
  24. Yet another failed product of the Ohio educational system. I'm so ashamed. :cry: :cry:
  25. I have a pretty limited knowledge of Asterisk. I'm trying to write an extension to my extensions.conf that will allow Freedigit calls to go to extension 3001. They ring the extension but will not go to voicemail on my system. I'm getting the error of [Jun 6 09:47:00] NOTICE[4018]: chan_sip.c:15092 handle_request_subscribe: Received SIP subscribe for peer without mailbox: 3001 on my console. Here is my extension configuration for the DID in extensions.conf: [did_freedigits] exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/3001,20) exten => s,2,Voicemail(3001,u) Any ideas what is wrong? I've Googled the heck out of this and am hitting a wall. I do have voice mail setup for extensions in voicemail.conf... [default] 3000 => XXX,Joe,joe@gmail.com 3001 => XXX,John, john007@gmail.com