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  1. Even small amount of school whether college or VoTech school helps if you get a certain track going.
  2. I know this thread is old but wanted to say something about pulse audio it's not ready for everyday use not sure why Ubuntu and Fedora actually use it .
  3. umm last time I checked first android phone is coming out Oct. 2nd. oh also Android has known flaws in it's java.
  4. Since when is FreeBSD a linux
  5. umm all tftp servers are open since they don't have any security
  6. maybe San Fran can use this to find that "mystery" router
  7. not sure if you guys have seen this yet though but Mark Shuttleworth is hiring a team to work on some open source projects
  8. the GDI+ fix was released yesterday
  9. well what your talking about has actually been fixed but there is still some files you can find that still have that vulnerability out there just floating in the net waiting for a unpatched machine to find it
  10. For those that actually follow Mcgrew's blog you already know about this but it's always a good laugh when more of his(Yousif) buddies come out of the woodwork.
  11. Read the Google Chrome EULA: That ain't no BSD 2-clause. This is the BSD 2-clause license: Quite different, isn't it? umm if you look at Chromium it's a 2-clause BSD style license and the Google EULA that you posted is for the binary not the source code so have a good day and learn products better
  12. yeah phlak hasn't been updated since like 2001 or so
  13. Chrome uses BSD 2-clause license, I mainly just checked out Chrome to see if it sent information back to google besides the standard beta information which I signed up for.
  14. pfsense documentation is pretty up to date since it's uses FreeBSD as a base which uses pf from openBSD 3.5 or something like that
  15. umm yeah DOS is suppiled with systems longer the Windows 98 anything above Windows ME doesn't have True DOS