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  1. Fun if the domain has a * in their DNS A quick test before doing the bruteforce will verify this, just dig for a random string .domain.tld (i.e. tgi8632uhjsiuy78u34iro98.domain.com )
  2. I'd like to have some links to sites that are running the tool, preferably ones with all the options turned on or something. I'm more interested in trying to detect other sites that might be running the tool or variants thereof.
  3. That will actually turn on EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) on (most) Nokia phone.. better sound quality in exchange for REDUCED battery life. Key in *#3370* to deactivate. *#4270# Will give you HRC (Half Rate Clarity) which is the exact opposite of EFR, key in *#4270* to deactivate.
  4. Also done here: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21958
  5. We'll see in about two weeks I guess.
  6. The browser component runs in a sandboxed environment on the iPhone, hence Apple saying that it is secure. Your web-app will never touch data on the phone. Integration of your web-app and the phone functions is simply the browser recognizing stuff like phone numbers and email addresses etc.
  7. Looks a bit like Head over Heels
  8. It won't be a perfect clone since the mounted drive is still in active use and changes are made while the rsync is in progress. You might get some errors about files being locked/skipped. You will also be missing your MBR . An rsync backup is only good for backing up your data, not your entire system. I don't know of a backup system that will clone the entire system while it's still live, especially one that needs to be implemented as the system is running. I usually just use a RAID mirror. If you wish to keep using rsync, add --delete to the options so files that are no longer on the source disk won't be left behind on the target disk (think tempfiles etc.)
  9. Most common way to steal cookies would be by using Cross Site Scripting or XSS. You inject a piece of (Javascript) code into a site that does a GET or POST to a site/page/url that you control with the cookie as a parameter. An other way would be a trojan. I know there are trojans out there that specifically scan for gamekeys and game logins.
  10. Irongeek, is there a way to detect when a browser is 'infected' with Jikto? Is the infection persistent (does Jikto run when the browser is restarted)?
  11. Mac OSX = Illumination ?
  12. Not gonna happen. You CAN tell VMware to boot from an existing partition but it is not recommended. The first thing that will happen is windows will crap itself due to being booted up on a different hardware platform (the virtual machine emulates a lot of hardware like videocard, scsi/ide interfaces, networkcard etc..), the second thing that MIGHT happen is you damage your windows partition to a point where it won't boot or worse, you've lost all data on there. You can use some tools to clone the existing partition to a virtual one that will boot up under a VM (P2V tool from VMware or Parallels Transporter).
  13. links + svgalib? All implementations I have seen require some form of X or worse Windows. Maybe you can run Xvfb (Virtual FramBuffer)?
  14. Once again: The Onion Router (aka TOR)