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  1. Wow, it has been about 8yrs now and I think I was back on Binrev's website a few times this year but did not really post anything. A lot has changed from when the seeds were planted. For those that do not know me you only have to reference the early starting episodes of Binrev Radio when I helped Binrev out with IRC and some other stuff that escapes my memory now.. Those in RFA likely would remember me from back in the day. It has been a long long time now. I'm posting here because I took a long hiatus and feel so new coming back after being burned out from tech. I'm slowly coming back and seeing if I can renew the passion again to explore. It is good to see many RFA/BBR old faces are still around. I'm hoping to meet new people and hope to be embrace some community love in learning new things again. I have yet to catch up with my listening of BBR. IIRC last time I heard BBR was episode ~12-15. I've not finished listening to RFA as well as I can't bear to hear it end. Well I gott go for now but I do hope to put up from time to time and see what is new and see if I can learn how to navigate this new Binrev website design. BTW did HackTV ever produce any new episodes? I think I still have the original 3 from back in the day. TTYL
  2. Stankdawg.

    It has been a long time since I have found my way back here. Not sure if you still remember me back in BRR#002 in the early days of BRR and RFA.

  3. RFA

    Dual and company, Thanks for all the wonderful episodes, time, commitment, and knowledge. I have enjoyed every episode and always walk away enlightened with more news and insight on what is going on and things to research more on. On the final episode you did miss a few people on the phone to reflect back on the time spent on the show. If I recall right you missed Skyler and Meri-chan's final input. I hope the original and expanded crew will have cameos (if I'm using the right term) on future projects for I've always loved thier views on things from a female perspective. Oh yah, who doesn't like thier voices as well? Where ever the new path leads to I'll be there to tune in, give my input, and support. Once again thank you Dual_Parallel, Rax, Kondor, Meri-chan, Skyler, Meme, Wintermut3, StankDawg, Bland_Inquisitor, and all the guests (I hope I listed everyone but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. If I missed your name you are not forgotten) for all the good times. I'll be archiving all the episodes on CD for listening on my mp3 cd player and also P2Ping/mirroring all the files to help cut down on your bandwidth. Oh yes, mad thanks to the silent one, Organized_Turmoil, for pumping out show notes endlessly in detail with the links (I like your style/format of organization) week after week behind the scenes. Ahh these are all good times which will not be forgotten. Glooko
  4. I often carry a case-logic 24-cd case and in the case I keep a HP BootDisk (basically a win bootdisk with cd support), Norton System Works 200x, Norton anti-V for Mac, win98/2k/2kAS/ME, M$ Office something, and some others which I can't recall of the top of my head. Once I get comfortable with Knoppix or some distro of Linux LIVE-CD I'll have that in the cd case just in case. Glooko
  5. Found a pretty cool DIY site here. Interesting to see the inside of a PCMCIA card. In this case it's a Orinoco card Lots of good stuff there so far. The Canon S100 battery hack is interest. Glooko
  6. Oh yah I have the Isun Personal Solar unit and the Isun BattPak from ( ) and something I thought I'd mention that the BattPak unit can recharge NiMH N cells from Radio Shack. No adaptor is needed because the BattPaks spring will hold the N cell very snug/tight. Just to add to my last post I have loaded up my BattPak with 10 x Energizer 1850mAh NiHM cells and put a 75watt inverter in the cig-port of the BattPak and plugged the Sony P7 AC adaptor into the inverter but it's too bulky and also the 75watt inverter ( bought off Canadian Tire ) is a little over sized for the cig-port on the BattPak. It bulges a little when plugged in and also the AC cord often gets loose which is a pisser because then you waste time when you think your cameras charging and when you need to bring your camera to action you find out the power has not charged all that time. My ideal battery pack would be one that is rechargable and able to fit into say a Kuny's cellphone holder (which I think will hold about 6-8 AA's) so I can slide that onto a belt and just get all geared out. Glooko
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but if not just let me know where to post it in the future and move this post to the right area. Hope there is a DIY forum and if not it would be cool to see one. I've always had a fancy for building my own stuff. I often see these "inventions" on TV which I can't believe people pay gobs of cash for to buy when they can just make it themselves. I like to have stuff that normally serves "dual" purpose. Like that "Rev-Styler" which I'm sure some of your girlfriends of boyfriends bought off the TV infomercial could be made yourself. Just get all Red-Green (Not sure if it's a Canadian only show but some might 'click' when I say "Possum Lodge") with that and take your cordless or corded screwdriver/drill and get a cheap bit/metal-rod and yank off the spiked curlers or comb thing and drill a hole into the comb larger then the bit and crazy glue it in place and put the bit intot he drill/screwdriver and whola you have a rotating curler while drying your hair. Yah it's not as slick/eyecandy as the professionally made one but still the pro-made one is nothing more then that. I've been having many ideas in my head but I don't really have the skill/knowledge so I thought I'd share my ideas with the community in hopes someone more skilled can help me on my projects and we can all make things better. Big props to Dox for totally getting my gears started again with his washer-something pump-a-ma-jiggy thing. Ok, here are my ideas: -Make a deep-cycle solar power generator (solar panel + battery + housing + inverter) -Getting a 6v rechargeable battery and a 6v bike light generator and somehow make a switch for CHARGE/DISCHARGE so when you're biking in the day you can be charging the battery and at night you flip the switch and you release the power stored. Good for camping/urban riding as well as safety. -I'm not sure in the USA if you have these things for bikes but in Canada we have this turning signal (when I say bikes I mean bicycles) sold at Canadian Tire ( If it asks for a postal code just type "A" or anything. Check the recreational area for bike gear) with trigger-fire buttons for left-right signals. Well I own one of these but have not mounted it yet. I'd love to get another unit of this and see if someone can help me figure out a way to get the two units to be controlled by the same left-right buttons then installing 2 x left/right buttons on both sides of the handle bar. I can take a picture of the unit I have. It's made by Super-Cycle -Making a battery pack for digital camera. I own a Sony P7 and Sony seems to have it's own plug (I think) but the little battery is only good for like 20 odd flash + zoom pics. I'd love to figure out if there is a way to make a battery pack with say a univeral head and voltage changer that is rechargable. Perhaps it's getting to complex and it's best to stick with just the battery pack for the digicam. -Building a UPS with spare batteries. I also read something from here about battery packs. Now I can solder but not precision (like mod-chip tight space/area) jobs. I have done network cabling before so I have cabling around for stuff around here. I don't know much about electronics at all. I'm mostly a hands on learner and lots of step-by-step photos also will help. I'm planning right now on making a step-by-step photo on many things I have done in the past. Most of them are not really tech related but I'm sure there are some outdoor enthusiets (sp) around that can benefeit from it. As for my electronics knowledge I only know the basic wire + battery + led/bulb = light. I'm hoping I can learn something from someone then return what I've learned back to the community or teach someone else. I tend to get a bit hardore/extreme with my gear sometimes. These are ideas I'm sure will help others out there if they want to improve on it for thier own gear. Well that's it for this post. More ideas as I get them. Glooko
  8. Dox: Happen to have time to do a write up with pictures on how to make that line tap detection box? Also can you have it with RED/GREEN led's for visual confirmation? It would be greatly appreciated if you could do a graphical detailed DIY page on that. I'm a visual learner and I almost always click with detailed pictures. If you're in town and had the parts I'd bust out my cam and we can start making some progress. As a matter a fact, you as well as Dual, Stank, and many others in the community have inspired me to learn more. I recently looked at a power supply (P/S) that had a black ball explosion inside the ATX P/S case. Well with my knowledge I've gained while tinking with LED's and learning more of what I can use when I scavage, I learned that the wires in the P/S are about 20-22ga (eye ball calculations), on/off switch, and possibly a few more thing that skipped my mind are salvageable are reuseable. So instead of paying like $3.00-5.00 CDN for a on/off flick switch I can save that and use it on a project box or on LED's. If you're in town buddy give me a message. If I can make it, it would be nice to go U.E, talk a bit and perhaps learn hands on how to make stuff. I always like to make and learn stuff at the same time then after the item is made and I've enjoyed the item for sometime then I go back to understand the "theory" behind it. Like the saying " driving the car to the limits then bringing it back and understanding what and how to control it". I think that quote is from a BMW or Land Rover driving course. Glooko
  9. I wonder what the Presidents "bomb shelter" number is. Ring up and say "the matrix has you" or "the weathers not good here. We're coming in for a visit". Record that and share around. I'd love to hear the reactions from the shelter. Glooko
  10. Lowtec: I'll try that that command on my phone and see if it'll work. I'll post the results when I have time to tinker with it. I happened to land a sweet deal with Bell Mobility. They are giving me a $125 CDN rebate towards a new phone upgrade but because I've been with them for a whole and I gave them the whole story that I was there for so many years that they sweetened the honey pot by giving me an additional $100 CDN off. Now a relative of mine got the Audiovox CDM-8500 about two weeks ago and I was able to get her the $125+$100 CDN rebate deal but she was able to get an additional $80 CDN off by having the Telco give her like three months of service for free or something like that because they where going to charge her some activation fee. Now I think my margin is about $80 CDN as well with the phone I want. If you check the site the price listed has the $125 reduced already. My ultimate goal is not to pay a single dime extra to get the phone for free and just pay my monthly billing. So I'm looking for ideas to S.E the CSR's to pump more free stuff into the honey pot. As you can see I have an addiction for telco sweeteners. Glooko
  11. I use my 3.5" floppy drive about once a month or less. I'd say I only use the floppy drive about 10-15 times a year if I have to redo a computer. Glooko
  12. Ok, I'm one lazy @$$ mofo to look back in the archives but best to start fresh with a fresh approach. Want to know if there is a way to make a simple line tap detect box. My eletronics knowledge is pretty much wire + +/- battery + bulb = light and I know how to use a soldering iron. Other then that, I'm green as lima beans. Thanks if you can help out. Dox, you rock mate. Thanks for the "hackers shower kit" write up. Glooko
  13. I agree that avatar rocks. WhiteSword that your girlfriend or your favorite poll dancer>? Glooko
  14. Hey all. Wanted to start a Kyocera/Qualcomm thread seeing how in my area those are popular models. For those that have not been following the news before Qualcomm got eaten by Kyocera so just a litte history for the newbies. Well I own a Kyocera 2760 w/o the external piggyback battery. Its a nice thin non-folding phone (or as I like to call "brick" phones for it's a good girp size and won't fall out). I've been trying to S.E the guys Bell Mobility to give me the op command codes or anything but they all seem to stone walling on me so I come here to ask if anyone who has played with thier phone and found something please post it. This thread is not just for my phone but all Kyocera/Qualcomm's. Would be nice to have a central area where people can come and look up thier model and what they can do with it. I'm also considering upgrading to the Kyocera 3245 that's just out at Bell Mobility (or .ca) but wanted to know if there is a way to see the signal strength besides the end user GUI bars. I recall Wintermut3 on a episode of RFA mentioning something about a Motorola he picked up and got into the op menu and saw the signal strength. Well I've been having some bad reception on my 2760 and wondering if there is a signal strength menu to look at. The bars sometimes show "I" or "II" but I drop or nothing at all. It's really odd. And when I'm rolling on by a cell tower (I'm assuming it;'s a cell tower. Gotta take a picture for you all) my bars are all full. I used to get full bars inside where I live in/out of the house so it's just wierd. Glooko
  15. I wonder how he got those jail numbers. Glooko