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  1. I miss you! :'(

  2. Welcome to practically every language invented sine Perl (and most languages have libraries for it too!). You make so many epic fail points I just had to login for the first time in months to reply.
  3. Nubie HQ FAQ It exists for a reason.
  4. Using TOR for P2P is not only stupid, it's also highly frowned upon because it does nothing but slow down the node for everyone else. Also, you should be happy that your ISP didn't cancel your account because if you read their AUP/TOS, you probably broke it and by all means should have been reported to the local authorities for piracy (no one downloads legit torrents all day). They're not snooping, they're monitoring their own infrastructure for misuse and are taking appropriate action. Your, or your parents most likely, signed a contract stating that under their AUP you would abide by their rules. They paid for the hardware to put the infrastructure in place and have every right to monitor it and once again, you're contractually bound to abide by their rules, whatever they may be. You're paying them to use this service and they make no concessions about giving you privacy, using any ISP is not a right, it's a privilege. If that was too much to read: their network, their rules. Don't like it? Go somewhere else.
  5. I concur, they do not like funny names. I guess we'll all be using our handles...again. I just hope that big black dude isn't working so we can giggle like little girls when they say "droops". Actually, I'll probably just use my name. I'll make sure phreaknurse dresses all sexy for you, droopsy.
  6. Oh, I'm not saying there weren't vulns, I know there were but they weren't public (on bugtraq for example) but I also used the qualifier "real" to denote there were vulns. I agree that SBO leads to insecurity down the road eventually, no one can stay in their ivory tower forever.
  7. In many places, security through obscurity works. Look how long Macintosh OS went without any real vulnerabilities (all versions) or how there are for things like VMS. Even security through false obscurity (banner/header forging) works well for the most part.
  8. I too plan on being there. I'll also be dragging phreaknurse along with me for the 3rd year in a row. She adds to the female boobage (and TelcoBob really likes her).
  9. No, because they're going to your DNS provider, not you directly.
  10. I just use GrandCentral. Everyone's that not my family or close friends gets my GC number and I screen all calls.
  11. Uh, no. Just get a VGA adapter (I know one exists for the 360, look on www.xbox.com ) and it'll hook up to the auxiliary VGA port on the laptop.
  12. IIRC Notepad++ will work. I use it to open large logfiles at work routinely (although `less` works much better).
  13. Just look the IP up on ARIN/RIPE/etc (different countries have different registrars). It'll say who the range is allocated to and how long it's been allocated.
  14. The personalization aspect is meant to help you find what you're searching for more quickly. These guys are having to develop this in order to keep up with the semantic and human search engines that are flooding the market right now.
  15. "lol i'll just repeat myself" Yes, this is totally doable. It's very clearly demonstrated by all of the local escalation exploits that are done through browsers.