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  1. People I really need help, please don't tell me it's not legal, I know, that's why I'm changing the way I should ask a questions on this forum (but I think you know what I want) Does MySpace have any vulnerabilities ? If yes please contact me aim:FirdavsUZB
  2. This helps 2, thanks
  3. Thanks :]
  4. umm I think people understood me wrong, I'm sorry again if I gave the wrong question, like I already said I want to learn more stuff, and my main goal isn't about cracking websites,systems and stuff, I just want to learn hacking in general. And I don't have any problems with my gf, (i got her password for myspace) and I'm sure I wouldn't do anything stupid like that just to check if she is cheating on me. Just Note that I'm not cracker, I want to learn hacking.(Definition is here:,,sid14_gci212220,00.html)
  5. lol wow thanks to everyone for replying, first of all I don't got any problems with my gf, and I have her password to myspace and everywhere else, I just wanted to learn if it's possible to hack someone's MySpace, btw lmao I didn't understand I'm not going to lie, that's why I'm trying to learn more stuff about computers, and it's one of the reasons I came to this forum, but thanks for trying tohelp me.
  6. hehe Thanks for advice, and you're right I need to learn basics first
  7. ok I saw one of you posted that all the real hackers are self thaught, I think it's not true, I mean I'm not a hacker, I want to be one, and I jsut started, I don't know any programming language, only thing I know is basics, and everyone started learning at age of 2-3 , before I readed it, i thought I was smart, because I could add 1000's and I was pretty good at it, and now I think that I rly sucked, well anyways I want to learn, and I will, one day I will be a HACKER! yeyy lol
  8. Thank you Seal, ok now I need to get busy *reading* lol
  9. I want to make my first meeting. Anyone from Jacksonville, Florida? If yes contact me, I can go to almost everywhere on saturdays and sundays, umm I forgot my laptop is broken, well doesn't matter, if there is anyone from this forum in JAX, FL, I would like to meet them.
  10. I want to learn how to find someone's I.P. address, for example if my gf is logging on myspace, or photobucket, or anywhere else, how I can find out what is her I.P. address? Any suggestions will be helpfull
  11. I want to learn how to hack a social networking website(ex.MySpace) How to start, but please do not post your answers over here, just write me a message please, Thanks
  12. Well Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped me, actually I learned a lots of stuff in this forum, thanks to developer for making this forum. Many people told me to read more, so I will start reading, but problem is I don't know how to start.(I'm sorry for my poor english) I will just try to explain in my own words, and I'm sorry if you guys won't understand me, I will try my best. Did you guys watched "Die Hard 4.0" ? If yes there is a guy who is a really good hacker, that's what I want to be like, it was my wish since I was 9 (not sure). So how can I start, what topics I need to read, if it's not hard can you guys give me the link for those topics that will teach me basics of hacking, and becoming like him? lol Anything, any answer will make me happy. Thanks again
  13. I would consider it as well, but the obvious still remains, Google everything and anything for all your needs. Google is powerful, yes. But it cannot teach you everything. Sometimes it is good to have someone with common interests to do things with you and help out. Plus, some people just learn better that way. Not everyone can benefit from reading things online. That is why they just don't hand you books at school and tell you to read. Yes you're totally right, I mean I can learn from google, but for me it's more interesting to learn it from someone who had experience so I can ask questions, it's waaaay easier for me, but what about the project, what kind project is that can someone explain me ?
  14. Haha well thanks for advice, I will tell the truth, I'm not the person who likes to read, because I don't really have time, but if you think so I will try to read. If you know any good books that I can get on internet without buying or going to the library please post the link or the names of the books. Thanks again
  15. DDP Program ? What is that ?? oh well I'm just going to google it.