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  1. I think a text recog prog and translator prog should be able to get it at least 90% done... no?
  2. Got a Vic20 for xmas when I was 8 and started copying programs out of books... by the time my bday came around in july i was writing my own programs (recipe manager for my mom that she never used once) and was asking for a better machine... this was 25 years ago!!
  3. Hey Hey all. I don't consider myself a n00b so i didn't come here immediately. But that aside, I am a Network / Systems Security Consultant and CEH from Canada, West Coast. I'm down with retail hax, sneaking, UE... I spend my free (haha) time skiing, reading, skiing, partying, skiing, reading.. did I mention skiing? My friends say I'm a nice guy... I don't think so, but who am I to judge? I have some cherries, but always looking to add to the basket. Feel free to PM with useful insights, newz, gearshare or 604/778 meetups. Please DO NOT PM me to debate, argue, harass or otherwise waste my time with unproductive hyperbole. I've found #binrev to contain both side of the usefulness coin. Some legit lee7 boyz and grrlz there, some useless office dwelling trolls as well. Thanks for havin me... hope to learn some goods.
  4. I would add use a live CD (usb) like BT3, and of course always spoof ur MAC. Side note: I told a buddy to do this once... and I was still able to trace him... how? He signed into MSN. LOLz
  5. So I recently procurred a Symbol Pocket PC runnnig Windows Mobile 2003 Premium. I use it for sniffing and scanning... but packet capturing from my pocket is tired... looking for fresh ideas...
  6. Well now that's not completely accurate... with the right gear in a hotel room adjacent to your target this could be a VERY practical technique. Where's you imagination Ohm?
  7. Until very recently (like 2 months ago)I still used my Compaq Armada M700 PIII with 512MG PC133 made in 1999... the metal case helped it hold up bigtime... I used to carry it with me when I was skiing (don't ask ) and backpacking.
  9. Down for a BinRev 604... If anynoe is ready for one in the next month we can organize it. BinRev604 Nov2008.... any takers? Ok moving on... I'm calling a MeetUp.. BinRev or not for Sat Nov 8th meet on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown at 2pm-2:15pm choke a d00bie and off for coffees and chat at a location to be chosen by the participants.