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  1. hahaha, I guess there are no car hackers @ binrev, ROFLCOPTER.
  2. I thought I'd share mine Data Destruction vids =) I burned my Sony Ericcson K750i phone using some fireworks =) : And, a collegue crushed his phone: Nice! Cheers,
  3. Hey All, I heard from a friend once that a standard car (unleaded fuel) could run on alcohol. (The engine would run much faster, though.) I have some NitroFuel hanging around which used in R/C cars, and it would be a cool idea to make an injection so I can make my own cheap turbo. The bottle costs about 25 euros for 5 liters, So it's very expensive.. but I would like to experiment with it. Could I hack my car to do the folowing? Normal Situation: Engine <- Fuel line <- Fuel pump <- Gastank New situation: Engine <- Fuel line <- Fuel Pump <- Gastank AND a valve which can be closed electric by a switch <- Nitro Fuel Bottle I know, It may sound very crazy to with your car, but I like to have fun =) , and Im curious as hell. Very the Gearheads amongst us here are the specs of my cookiejar: It's a Peugeot 205, 1.4L Fuel type: Unleaded standard Fuel Number of cilinders: 4 I bet you don't have those in the US =P Cheers,
  4. *Poke* , last resort.
  5. Hey all, I just got a stirdy robot base. (from an old lady scoot , like this: Link). And I want to use some servos which I have left (standard futaba) in combination with a arduino to build a robot. Which arduino is the best choice(and cheapest) to be controlled live by an eee (via usb?), controll 4 to 5 servos and have access to 3 to 5 switches/sensors? Cheers, NLS
  6. Hey all, I was scrapyard diving in Germany last weekend when I came across this device that had 3 simcard slots ( Much larger than a phone), one of them was filled. I took the simcard home but left the device it was in behind (It was crushed partially by the cranes over there anyways). Its a "T-mobile pink" like simcard made by infineon. Link: I want to read whats on it, but I don't know where to start because of lack of experience in these things. Does anyone has experience it? Cheers,
  7. Hey all, This topic is not really hacking related, but according to the board ("This can be pretty much anything that is -> serious<- and hacking related.") , I may post it here. I was browsing the web yesterday and came across a website that Google has bought ; (A webcast website), It has this videochannel "Startupschool", which features tips&tricks videos for (hacker) starters. In one of the videos : There where a couple of questions that made me make this post in the first place. -06:30-> 05:30 ; Question & Awnser by Paul Graham : Should you leave school if you have a good business idea? -05:30->04:30 ; Opinion about leaving school by someone in the audience. Now, My main question is: Should you leave school if you think you have a revolutionairy idea? Use the Poll and gimme your 2 cents!! Greetz,
  8. If you want to list all the OSES you used , heres mine: Windows: DOS 6.22 Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 98SE Windows ME Windows Neptune ( never released w2k version for homes) 2000 + SP4 Professional Windows XP Beta XP SP1 XP SP2 Home XP SP2 Pro XP X64 Pro 2000 Server 2003 Server Vista Beta (Longhorn build 5xxx) Vista Home Prem Vista Ultimate Vista Business Windows Home Server Beta. And to include my old phone: Windows Smartphone 2002 <-- this SUCKS Linux: Ubuntu Debian Suse Knoppix Fedora Core 3, 4 , 6 and 7. Solaris 10. MAC OS: Mac OS 7 i think. Other: ReactOS
  9. Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 on my laptop. Windows XP on my Desktop
  10. There where DOS pcs at my first hacking age. I remember putting a tea spoon in an old 286 an getting my first 12volt shock from it. Never left my computer screen since then. I guess I was about 6 years old.
  11. [Offtopic] I turned 18 on April 4th, so here's my new avatar. [Ontopic] nice...
  12. hmm.. I signed up for some AMD t-shirts once, And did not receive them either. But, I am going to the DigitrendEvent in Utrecht (The netherlands) , 24 November. There should be some AMD freebies there ,I'll make some photo's of them if I get some. NL-Stitch
  13. All i can hear is shit in this video.. Would love to use his head as a footbal tough... I don't know but.. I think he is talking crap.. He makes so many promises about security, "you will not have to worry about security anymore" , "We are finally building the software dream". WTF?! it is almost scary.. srry.. that's just how i feel about this interview
  14. just forgot something; Send all ideas, suggestions etc. to *censored* stitch