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  1. You can use File scavenger, it worked for me. http://quetek.com/prod02.htm The most impotrant thing is do not add anymore data to your hardisk, because each new piece of data could be potentially replacing the "erased" files still on your harddisk. I hope this helps.
  2. If I may suggest another program that can do all that you asked, which I have used to back up my Laptop and Desktop computer. It is called Acronis True Image 10, I believe version 11 was just released. http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/ With it I was able to make an exact image of my laptop with a fresh winXP install, with all the latest updates, Antivirus, firewall, photoshop, etc.... and the program, gave me the option of either making an image of various levels of compression, or automatically, splitting the backup into volumes of a preset size ( 1.5MB, 700MB, 4.5GB, etc). My laptop's backup fit onto a DVD-4.5GB, and my desktop one DVD-4.5GB and one CD-700MB Hell it also lets you make a boot disk in order to re-image the harddisk without having to reinstall. You didn't mention in your post but Acronis also lets you make incremental backups of your system. For example, you upgrade photoshop cs to cs 3 you can make a new backup wich only reflects your changes made since your last backup. anyway I hope this helps.
  3. If it is a Legit Disc, just call M$, they will ask you for the number on the inside rim ofthe disc, ask you to verify a few things on the disc, and BAM .. They will pound out a new serial like that ... Trust that .. I bought a CD folder from a Crackhead, had XP Home, and Pro in there, and the lady even said, as long as you can tell then the disc is a pretty color when the light hits it, they know you have a legit disc ... I know its crazy, but I got a new Serial for those discs, and they work great. Wow, tips on Social Engineering from a crack-head! You can't make this up folks Seriously though, it is a good tip for those that find themselves in a similar situation.
  4. The talks are a major motivation for attending, but also the fact you get to be a part of a gathering of people who have learned to think OUTSIDE the box. Networking is also a great reason, although I didn't do to much myself since it was my first con (Hope 6). Interactive workshops are a great way to facilitate the aforementioned networking, and sharing of ideas. I can't wait to try my hand at lockpicking at the next Hope
  5. That is a pretty cool way to disseminate information, I wonder how long before it gets taken down? My bet is 3 weeks.
  6. well they do have a 30 day warranty, and accept credit cards, which might be preferrable to those individuals...uncomfortable using Ebay
  7. Here is a site I found when hunting through Pricewatch looking for some cheap hardware. This place has computers minus keyboards, mice or monitors, but with Hdd, CPU, Ram, optical drive, etc.. The whole kit an' caboodle, and most are under $300. Not to mention they also have laptops as well. :voteyes: http://www.azatek.com/index.asp
  8. After reading the advert in the back of a copy of 2600, I took a look, liked what I saw and haven't looked back.
  9. I understand how to do that, but what if your BIOS doesn't support booting from USB, what will you do then? You can't fit a square peg in a round hole then. But you can fit a round disk into a squaredrive. Read up on LiveCDs, Misternest Live cd's arent the issue, i have used several versions of Knoppix, Kanotix, Mandrake move, and Suse. Im referring to a method that would preclude the necessity of having optical media. A thumbdrive would be much easier to carry about and use for this purpose. On the other hand if you are referring to modifying the LiveCD to automatically mount a usb device and load the OS from there then that is another method that I haven't thought about, and if so I will look into that as an option, since beggars can't be choosers. I do apologize in advance if my earlier reply wasn't clear enough
  10. I understand how to do that, but what if your BIOS doesn't support booting from USB, what will you do then?
  11. I had a similar problem with my laptop, and the only solution i could find is to look for an updated bios that supports booting from USB, if not you are S.O.L. Unless there is some way you can setup Grub or Lilo to mount the external storage device as a viable choice on boot up. anyone else have any ideas? :devil:
  12. The overall reason i posted the link was for those of us that are unable to pay for lockpicks and or ship them to you due to local laws prohibiting it. or if you are under age. Plus some of us just might have access to some of these tools in school, or a neighbors or dads garage.
  13. I found this clip on google video about how to make your own lockpics, and wanted to share it with everyone. Pyro's Making Picks
  14. The original stick of ram could be bad, try running it with the new stick only and see what happens. Also you might want to double your ram to 512 Megs and see if its still a problem. also as an afterthought what type of graphics card do you have if any?